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Kayli Hicken
Awesomeness. Delight. Joy. Randomness. Insanely useful. Crazy. That's me in a nutshell.
Awesomeness. Delight. Joy. Randomness. Insanely useful. Crazy. That's me in a nutshell.

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New Apartment, Celebrations, and Beginning of the End
CHAOS . Pure chaos. And order still hasn't come of chaos, so I will try and distill what I can from what has happened lately. After being out of work since his 2014 internship, Todd finally found a job in mid-June. It pays pretty well and he can keep the jo...

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Please Forgive Me.
So..... There is something I need to confess...... I'm bad at blogging. I haven't updated this blog in about a year. There. I said it. Now I'm repenting. I'm going to try and be better. I'm not promising anything amazing. Nor that it will be remotely intere...

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Well, good news. I have 2 garbage bags stretched to the limit with clothes that I will let my sisters comb through before I give them over to DI. However I still have many clothes left in my closet. The hardest pieces (they're all still sitting in my closet...

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Fall Beginnings
August is kind of an important month for us. It is our anniversary. It is when the fall semester starts. It is when Todd will be finished with his internship. And probably many more things that I am forgetting at this moment. The important thing is to be re...

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Apartment #1
This was our first apartment. It was quite a fun time, with black mold from a broken roof and asbestos in the bathroom. We're quite happy to be out now.

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Here and Back Again
This is a blog I should have created nearly two years ago, but as Queen of the procrastinators, I have just started now.
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