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This is bullshit.

What's funny is that this is nothing more than bar talk. I'm not involved in any startup fund and I don't think I will be anytime soon (I never say never because tomorrow Bill Gates could walk up to me and hand me a billion dollars, but I'm not holding my breath). I haven't gotten to any sort of negotations where I even see a term sheet or anything official. No email. No serious conversations. No business.

I do not invest in startups. I have no money in any tech company other than in Rackspace stock (I own some mutual funds that might invest in tech).

I never have gotten to the point where I've been offered money or a job in a fund. Can I make that any more clear?
I'm always interested in talking about my career and the path it could take but I NEVER HAVE APPROACHED ANYONE about doing my own fund. Whoever said that to you is lying and you didn't make that clear to me in your email to me this morning, Dan. It's other people who come up to me and start talking to me about doing a fund.
Just to explain what's going on here. If Dan had done real journalism and not a drive by in email that I didn't understand the context of I would have explained. At the World Economic Forum there is a group led by Rich Stromback, which is an informal set of folks. They are thinking of doing their own fund and wanted to know if I'd be interested in joining them. I told them that I'm always interested in business ideas so to put something together and let me know what that might look like. I told them that I'd consider any such request after I have it in writing. I have NOT heard back yet from them and have NOT signed any documentation and have NOT asked any VC to invest in any such fund. If anyone is hitting up VCs on my behalf I sure would love to know that. My phone number is +1-425-205-1921 and my email is
Robert Scoble - Welcome to the world of "Journalism" Tina Brown style.... DC and NYC pols/journalists FEEL your pain.... Pure Douchechills Inc.
Who is this Dan Lyons jerk anyway? Seems to be in a lot of crap lately.

So anyhow Dan, we have our own Jerks, you can just go away now. Thanks.
The topic of journalism and what may (or may not) be happening in tech journalism related to impartiality and conflict of interest is a good point of discussion.

From that perspective I'm glad Dan got this conversation going. But Dan's headline writing style and use of incendiary accusations (and link baiting) to generate attention and page views, seems awfully insincere. Don't throw bricks in glass houses and all that.

When I've heard +Dan Lyons on TWIT or read his posts I get the impression he's a good writer (and his fakestevejobs piece is still great in my mind). But his recent Silicon Valley bitch slap (although funny) was just a cry for attention. He lost his central message by using the style and method of an Internet copywriter (which is part of my profession) in place of journalism.

I don't buy what Dan is selling because the guilt by association method he is using isn't worthy of his article's headline, tone or content.

Dan, you're losing more credibility all the time. I think you should model the ethical behavior that you want to see in the world. Go forth and write good stuff, make interesting points, and if you're going to throw people under the bus, use your ample skill to do a better job of it. Picking on Scoble for traffic generation is just weak.

And +Robert Scoble - I'm glad you defended yourself. Well done.
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