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Radovan Kepák
PHP Programmer , Android fan , opensource contributor
PHP Programmer , Android fan , opensource contributor


+Dotekomá do článku o aktualizacích telefonů na Nougat by jste měli doplnit, že Sony Z5, Z5C, a Z5P již aktualizaci mají také, a právě se šíří (čr zatím čeká)

Any plans for circle icon? Miss it on my Pixel ;-)

Will you add option to hide apps from drawer? Lets say I do not want to have TrackID as I will never use it (yet SONY forces me to install it)

Hey #SONY  , Google released June security updates, we still have only Feb on our Z5 (flag ships), isn't time to push things little forward? You want from us relative big money for your phones, and giving us almost nothink to response, now even Sony X do not have IP certification, why should we bought it, when we can buy faster Nexus 5X with more updates and lower price?

So this app so super, that you need to force it to the users without rejection? You starting to be like microsoft with this shit... bought 4 Sony flagships (z1c, z3c, z5c, z5) in row, but with this kind of attitude, switching back to nexus soon...
Stop pushing this via software update, without wear support, google play music support and without ads, i do not want it, deal with it

Transparent calendar widget is so bad for reading, you should look at Google Calendar, that is much better for reading...
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