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Just pushed out the OFFICIAL v2.0 release. Check the forum for the latest post. The update should be rolling through in the next few hours. It's also updated in my archive folder.

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I spent the weekend working on a manual for the Android Status application. It's been long overdue. The manual is based off of the upcoming 2.0 release. Have a look:

Just posted the first release candidate for the 2.0 series. The theme and style should be consistent throughout the app. It's almost ready for all of the devices.

I just posted the first official beta (2.0 beta 3) of the new redesign. everything should be working properly. it has been tested by several people in the forum. i have been testing it for a while now as well. I have not encountered anything strange or not working.

when you get the update, please give it a good testing. let me know if you encounter any bugs with it. there was a big change that was made in this release. i migrated to Android Studio from Eclipse. i am also migrating to use the material themes. changing themes is in the works but not completed yet.

hope you enjoy the new look and functionality.

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Here's some screenshots of the "new" icon and look. As you can see, I removed the actionbar icon and it's now blank next to the spinner. The Reef Angel logo is visible in the navigation drawer, which compliments the app along with its colors. Then, there's the nice white RA logo instead of the blue one, which is displayed in a launcher.

So this would be getting rid of blue icon to differentiate it from the universal app. Thoughts?
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A few weeks ago, there was some discussion on the forums about managing the Notifications in the Portal. That sparked a thought of "This would be pretty cool if we could manage them from an app on Android". So I did some checking and design layout and came up with a simple Android app that allows complete control over your Notifications on the Portal.

If you use my Android Status app to monitor your tank, that's great. This app is completely separate from that. It only manages your Portal notifications. You can Add, Edit and Delete the notifications. 

It was just published to the Play store, so it should be available for download in the next few hours. It's got a clean and simple look. If you use the Portal to handle sending you alerts about your Reef Angel, then this app is for you!

Here's the link to the app in the Play Store:
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this week has been a busy week. i've made some pretty big progress with the app. i've also been working hard at the NEW and IMPROVED look of the app. i am very close to releasing an alpha / debug test build for the app for people to use and try out. it can be installed alongside the existing app. there are definitely some user interface tweaks that need to be made in order to polish the app off but most of the core functionality is working. like i said, it's not ready to be shared yet, but pretty close. i have a couple major sections left to add in before i can let you guys play with it. keep checking back for more details...
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updated beta version....should take a few hours before you receive the notification.

some pretty big changes "under the hood" going on. if all works well with this version, i'm going to officially release it for everybody.

The big change is the removal of ActionBarSherlock and ViewPagerIndicator libraries AND the usage of the OkHttp library.
I also tried to update the error messages to be more meaningful. Hopefully this will help.

just released 0.9.6 Beta 4 to the play store. it's got the 16 channel pwm support added. 

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For those that haven't signed up through the beta link signup, here's the QR code for the latest beta, 0.9.6 Beta 2
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