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So, for the first time in a couple of years I am on vacation and actually get to travel! The GEMS Leadership Training Conference is this week in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We're leaving around 8:30 this morning. I really should be in bed now, but I've been bus...

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Progress with Primal Strength Systems
As you know I've been doing a fitness class called Primal Strength Systems . I'm in my fourth week now and loving (and sometimes hating) every minute of it. I decided to do a video post since it's been a while. I've made a lot of progress over the last mont...

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Everything is Awesome....
Today, just for a moment everything is awesome! I am awesome! This morning was my sixth class with Primal Strength Systems and today I kicked ass! It's getting easier to lift the 75 lbs bag. (I said easier not easy.) I also surprised myself with my improved...

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Finding Style
Friday I went to Reitman's to see if I could find a light colored shirt for my fitness class. It's really hot working out in a black shirt! While I was there I  tried on a number of dresses. I seriously love wearing dresses. Over the last 10 months or so I'...

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A Lifetime of Searching
Happy Canada Day! Well, I've gone and done it now. I'm all wired up and need to rant ! As you know I've been in this personal funk. I've been in it for so long now it's getting hard to remember what having hopes and dreams felt like. Don't get me wrong, I'm...

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Looking Forward and Setting New Goals
As I sit down to write this I can see how far I've come and yet the next part of this journey may prove to be even more challenging. I come to you today to share my success and my failures. On March 6, 2014 I started Isagenix. Around the same time I joined ...

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I Once Was Blind....
As you know I've been following the Isagenix program and I've lost some weight. I've lost 35 lbs to be exact! The thing is I haven't felt like I've really lost that much. That is until I came across some pictures from my birthday last November. I guess bein...

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Ground Hog Day
Well, it looks like I've gone and done it again. I've left you all hanging. I think I've figured it out though (by it I mean me). Do you remember the old adage "if you don't have anything nice don't day it at all"? I haven't had a lot of nice things to say ...

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Happy Birthday Shakespeare!
Today marks William Shakespeare's 450th birthday. Normally, I wouldn't even notice this kind of thing. I just happened to hear about it on the radio. But, this got me thinking. Where would we be without Shakespeare today? I am no Shakespearean expert. (The ...

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Mental Spring Cleaning
So, I know it's been a couple of weeks since my last update. I sorta got stuck in my own head. I'd been feeling really weighed down by negative thinking. So, I retreated into myself and too stock of where my head was at.  What I found was that  March was a ...
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