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Terry Fisher
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CEO of Auto Loss


I settled my claim and your report helped increase the settlement by about $1,700.

Your report was worth every penny as it gave me leverage to bring the other party to the discussion table and we were able to work out a compromise settlement.  

Thank you.
Joseph Fleming

We are so happy to help our customers.. Real reports and real results.  Autoloss
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Anther Happy Customer..
Autoloss,  thank you for your help, I received a check from state farm yesterday, whoo hoo, I tell everyone about you guy,s. Thank,s Again.

Kevin and Annette Hayes
Owners of Darcy's Restaurant and Spirits
Seattle, Washington
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We are proud to be BBB Members.   We love our customers.  Call us for a free DV quote today 877-655-1661
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Post has attachment was just what the Doctor ordered for this Portland Customer!

" virtually performs MIRACLES. Monica got the ball rolling after our LOADED Camry Hybrid was totaled by a USAA policy holder and neither them or our insurance STATE FARM would offer TRUE fair market value for the totaled vehicle after five weeks of phone calls. Within a week, negotiated an extra THOUSAND dollars from State Farm and their appraisal fee was also reimbursed due to Oregon Law. THANKS a million"

Thanks, Dr. John Rex Portland, Oregon
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Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Friday and say THANK YOU to our customers who in working together we're able to get them a great settlement on their diminished value claim.  If you've suffered damage to your vehicle and need help with your Diminshed Value Claim please call us at!
Here's the latest comment from a happy client!
"Hi Terry & Monica - thanks for everything - I was able to get $7500 for lost value thanks to u guys, thanks again."
  Jesus Zamora, Texas
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Here's the Picture of Diego's Collectible VW Van that he got such a great settlement for . . . Thank you Diego for putting your trust with!
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A VW Van Collector Raves about!

Thank you Monica and the Autoloss team for such a professional job done
with the appraisal and insurance negotiation of my '87 VW Vanagon Syncro camper.
It's unbelievable that the Insurance Company tried to take advantage of the fire in my engine, to pay $5,800 for a total loss of the vehicle.
Thanks to your negotiating ability and constant follow up with my insurance, we were able to get so much closer to the real value of this collector's item and today I just got a check for $36,000 to cover the total loss of my beloved collectible VW Van.
I really appreciate all your efforts and negotiation skills.
Diego Betancourt
Key Biscayne, Florida
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Happy Monday . . .!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!
We sure made this lady's day . . . and how nice was she to write and tell us about it!  If you're ever in an accident and need help with your Diminished Value Claim - We're here to help at! 

Dear Terry and Monica -
I am very happy with the claim thanks to your help.  I should clear about $2000.00 over what I paid for the car.  I will definitely recommend your website to help other people.  Thank you for looking at this.  

Nancy Roper
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The BEST feeling of all is when you can help a customer - and even EXCEED their expectations!  We feel so fortunate at to have our awesome customers repeatedly tell us how HAPPY they are!  Thank you - the pleasure is ours to serve YOU!

Dear Terry & Monica,
 Thank you for your help. I was informed  by the insurance company this
 morning that they have agreed to total out my vehicle!  Yay!!

 No doubt that when I brought up the DV, it changed the other drivers
 insurance company to do what I wanted all along & that was to total it out.
 Again, thank you for your service!


 Jim Pfeiffer

And another from Atlanta!
Dear Autoloss,
I want to say thank you.  I appreciate all your help and time. Its been exciting and a learning experience. You are "GREAT" to work with. May you continue to grow and be prosperous. I will enjoy my $3,000. 

Catherine Thompson   
Atlanta, Georgia
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We love our customers all across the United States!  We especially appreciate our clients in the South that tell us how much they loved working with us!   Contact us at for your Diminished Value Claim!

Here's what one Happy Customer had to say:

I found Autoloss on the web.  That always makes me nervous - long distance, are they real, will it be worth it?  
Well, bottom line, it worked out great!
They did an appraisal for me, and then supported me through the process with the insurance company.  The team was professional, responsive, and
knowledgeable.  I went from an $800 payment that my insurance company
offered to a $6500 payment. If you are dealing with a diminished value
claim, make sure you have all the facts and support you need.  Seriously
consider working with Autoloss!

Christopher Lybeer, Atlanta Georgia
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