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First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston
A Community of Love Beyond Belief: Transforming Ourselves, Houston and the World
A Community of Love Beyond Belief: Transforming Ourselves, Houston and the World

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For all you Growth GroUUpers or just those who missed out here is First UU Thoreau/Stafford Campus Minister Rev. Bonnie Veigard from Sunday 9-23.

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In case you missed it, Rev. Daniel finished the Vision theme last week with this awesome entry.

Don't Forget! Hogwarts School is still going on in Summer RE!

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In your summer travels you might have missed a sermon or two... Check out the archives for a look at some real gems or rewatch one!

Happy Solstice!

Come Celebrate with First Church!

Tonight in the Fireside room there will be a Solstice celebration. 

Bring your favorite summery foods, songs, poems & readings.

See you there!

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What are your kids doing this summer on Sundays? Ar ethey going to Hogwarts? Well they could be...

Details in the Blast

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Miss the flower communion? Some of us were off at Mother's Day celebrations afar. See what you missed:

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The Sixth Source is our theme for May and Rev. Daniel has made another great introductory video! Check it out.

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Our annual Canvass officially ended with Celebration Sunday. However, our Stewardship team is still hard at work getting the word out. We're really close to meeting our annual goal. If you haven't pledged or know a member who hasn't please encourage them to see the office or a stewardship team member very soon.

And now a moving testimonial from stewardship team member Evelyn "Bunny" Carlson:

When we joined First Church 15 years ago, we made a modest pledge; with two young kids, money was tight. When the first canvass arrived, we assumed we should increase our pledge. It wasn't large increase. But we figured the church had increasing costs each year, just as we did. Thereafter, we continued to increase our pledge, not by leaps and bounds, but steadily. Over the years, salary increases allowed us to share our good fortune with First Church.

This church means so much to our family. My family members have had total acceptance from our fellow congregants and staff. Ya'll embrace my quirks, too! First Church is an extension of our family life and home and we want to maintain it as such. I can't imagine not coming to this church.

I realize there are financial problems for some in this economy. I also know that making a small increase in one's pledge often isn't a terrible strain, as many have not experienced a financial blow. As a volunteer for the Stewardship Team, I know how hard it can be to present these ideas to the congregation.

There are many reasons why people increase, decrease, or keep a level pledge -- and not all are due to economic hardship. Sometimes I wonder if my fellow UUs realize just how much their support means to our church community and the bigger community outside the church.

I write the thank you notes to those who have pledged. I was delighted to see that one person, to whom I already written, increased her pledge within a few weeks! I thanked her personally for that increase and she said she had gotten a new job and a pay increase so she decided to pass some of it on to the church. It was quite generous, but that's not the point. I wonder if there are others in our church who could make even a small increase in this year's pledge. Just as the proverb, "many hands makes light work" is true, so even small increases improve the possibility of what First Church can accomplish.

If you’ve already made your pledge, thank you. If you increased your pledge, believe me, we appreciate it! If you have not or could not increase your pledge, please remember, you can do so at any time. If you haven’t pledged yet, please visit or email right away. If you’d like to discuss your pledge with a Stewardship representative, email

Thank you!
Evelyn Carlson
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