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What is modi that is less important but what is our prime minister its matter inside and out side our country .It is enough to think on issues which created to divert the people who likes to listen and see only country's developments.who loves this country by heart and devoted to do good, mere chanches to happen anything wrong, devoted people never degrade the country we live and salute.but on the other way the people belongs to manufacturing new issues to bring modi in their cob web is silly.we.dont need to vote to evaluate who is right or who is partially make any debate kannya can choose the death story of subhash ch bose but not afjal guru....and he may collect more findings but only problem he will face scarcity in sudden support of Rahul Gandhi.
swami vivekananda's quote...arise awake and stop not till the desired goal is reached...but what the people of India say to JNU stop not till you exposed for whom you are doing these unhealthy atmosphere .constitutional priviledge may not be a mandatory subject in jnu campus but as a Indian no one should violate the constitutional rights.experiment is good but lot of things are there even he may take modi as his best subject....
Recent past our "atithi debo vobo" brand ambasador quoted on asishnu issue now kanyaha proved no one is asohishnu even Rahul Gandhi supported him that he can continue such slogaan .....but kannya kannaya be careful I am telling from the land of Andolan the most harsh thing you will find very shortly ,suddenly you may exposed by them whose necessity become over.I think assembly election of West bengal go over " intolerance" gone out after Bihar election.....
Now we often see Amir khan used to say like big " U" turn.waiting to see after bengal election is over.dont make jnu as a tent house...overall...output:" big zero"
Poll on Kanhaiya, Modi, Rahul speeches
Poll on Kanhaiya, Modi, Rahul speeches
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