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Hello world, this is ASTRA, my JavaScript entry to the Assembly 2016 1kb competition. The Assembly is the toughest 1kb competition I know of and this 1002 bytes big odyssey ranked #2. Pheewww!

On this link you can find the Youtube capture to watch it on any platform, and the online versions to watch the real deal if you have a decent machine and a Chromium browser. It works in Firefox of course but much slower :\

Hope you like it. I'm quite happy with how it looks and sounds, ... especially for a mere 1002 bytes.

Thanks to Joy & Vida for their support and for putting up with the long nights.

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Glimpses of MATRAKA were floating in my head for months until I could materialize it: I wanted to make a DEMO-ish 1k intro with a phat tune and effect, something out of this world for JavaScript 1k prods, set in space with an asteroid and stuff dancing around.

Once the voxel part was ready I tried various types of glitches, some "direction" ( the panning, morphing, type writer text, ... ) and was left with 10 days and about 100 bytes for the music. Playing with the JSON'ed point cloud as WAVE PCM was not giving this phat feeling I wanted. I contacted 4mat / ate bit, who came up with the beat and melody. We tweaked this all a bit. Then came the crash cymbal and some more direction, colors, ... and it was called MATRAKA, ...

... and MATRAKA demo-lished the 1k competition at DemoJS 2012.

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Last week I gave my first public talk at Web Rebels, in Oslo. 
I wanted to start with some: Creative Coding and Size Optimization, with a little bit of background on how I started to code and reached the state of mind that no matter your platform or constraints, you can always have fun and go beyond them. Nowadays my main constraint is time. That's why I set myself size limits and pack as much bang possible in few bytes.

Sorry, I went a bit fast on some parts. Feel free to ask.

Looking forward to speak at another conference.

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JS1K Speech Synthesizer

No heavy 3D, FPS game, particle systems, flying hearts and flowers from me for JS1K#4. Audio was ON so I had to make a Speech Synthesizer in 1K of JavaScript.

It's a simple formant based synthesizer that speaks whole sentences AND as you type. This puppy supports 25 sounds/phonemes.

I hope this zero polygons and zero shaders entry will catch the eye^Wears of the public and jury of JS1k

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Neat notification bubble in the favicon by Fthr

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Music Synthesizer in 140bytes of JavaScript

Actually it's a millions times more powerful than what you may think. You can really generate any kind of music. Just play try some simple formulas ( e.g. (t>>8)*(t/52%183)&255 ) and then you will realize that you can write elaborate formulas with various instruments, patterns and triggers, LFOs, ...
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