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Kids Express Learning Center

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Infants grow & learn every day. KELC- one of the best #childcarecenters   in #madison   provides a safe & nurturing "home away from home" environment where children can explore & make new discoveries. Here are reasons to enroll your #child   in KELC:
1. Nurturing, personal care that builds your infant's self-esteem
2. Playtime & experiences that help boost reading, writing, creative art skills.
3. Regular teacher-family communication, including daily updates to keep you informed.
4. Weekly nature and physical education classes are held
Call 608-845-3245 or Visit our campus & see if KELC is right for you and your family. Visit

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As soon as your baby is born, they start learning. Just by talking to, playing with, & caring for your baby every day, you help your child develop language skills necessary to become a reader. By reading with your child, you foster a love of books, reading and education that will carry with them right into their school years. By the time they reach 4 years of age, most children are ready for a more structured learning environment. With KELC’s #4k   #school   #program   in #madison   children get to explore all areas of KELC’s curriculum; reading, writing, oral language, math, science, social studies, music, art, Spanish and physical education.
Call 608-845-3245 now & register your child in KELC’s4K program. Visit

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Enroll your #child in a child #care #center where he/she can participate in activities which include science, sensory experiences, literature circle, math activities, animal feeding, gardening, problem solving activities, art, dance, group games and activities, and much more helping him in his Intellectual Growth, Social Development,  Emotional Growth, Self-Esteem. Call 608-845-3245

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“Discover the Difference” with KELC Preschool Program in #Madison#WI

In our #Preschool #Program, KELC is committed in providing not only the highest quality care & early childhood learning experiences, but also inspiring in #children a love of learning & strong confidence in themselves as learners.While providing the best possible classroom experiences, KELC also utilizes its many unique resources to expand learning beyond classrooms & playgrounds.

#KELC encompasses a great variety of indoor & outdoor learning environments which includes tennis court, golf putting green, gyms, pond, child-centric organic vegetable, herb, and flower gardens, forest, nature trails, a nature study bus & more.
Call 608-845-3245

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4K School in #Madison#WI by KELC

Kids Express Learning Center offers 4-year-old #preschool following the NAEYC early childhood education standards. Our portfolios reflect children’s progress according to NAEYC’s early childhood education standards. Graduates of Kids Express Learning Center’s #4K #program have entered elementary school at accelerated levels, with some children qualifying for gifted and talented programs.

So Don’t Wait & Call 608-845-3245 now & register your child in KELC 4K program. Visit

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After School Programs At KELC in #Madison, #WI

Our #After #School #Program offers nurturing opportunities for learning, exploring and playing in a safe and supportive environment. Reasons to enroll your #child in KELC after School Programs:
· Full #day #care is available when the public schools are closed (when KELC is open)
·A large variety of activities offered utilizing KELC’s gardens, nature trails, animal husbandry program, tennis court, gym, and other exceptional learning environments across our 10-acre campus
·Parents can choose the days that work best for their busy schedules
·Transportation is provided at various elementary schools in Verona&Madison
·Weekly nature and physical education classes are held
So Don’t Wait & Call 608-845-3245 now. Schedule an appointment to visit our campus & see if KELC is right for you and your family. Visit

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“Discover the Difference” with KELC #Daycare #Center in #Madison WI
We know children to be capable, curious, self-directed learners who respond positively to warm, loving guidance. #Children crave intellectual stimulation and depend on encouragement and support to grow emotionally, morally, and socially strong.
Our goal is to provide quality education in a rural setting, to gently guide children in their exploration of the world while encouraging our “kids” to “express” themselves in a myriad of ways. KELC is committed to providing the highest quality care and early childhood learning experiences. We do our best to foster children’s confidence in themselves and a desire for life-long learning. 
Schedule an appointment to visit our campus and see if KELC is right for you and your family. Call 608-845-3245

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Top Reasons to Choose KELC as #Pre-school for your child in #Madison:
· Our mission to provide ‘Quality Education in a Rural Setting’
· Special enrichment programs for your child, including Physical Education, Gardening, Nature Studies, Spanish, and more.
· We have clean, neat, bright, well equipped classrooms.
· Teacher-child ratio is 1 to 12 maximum. 
·  Our 10 acre campus has beautiful flower & vegetable gardens, nature trails, a gym, tennis court, delightful animals, and more.
· Each week, teachers create goal directed lesson plans for every child
· We keep a regular interaction & communication with Parents.
· We have an outstanding Portfolio Assessment Program
· We have an outstanding record of compliance with state and NAEYC standards.

Discover the Difference at KELC. So Don’t Wait & Call 608.845.3245 to Enroll your #Child Now!

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Enroll your #child in Kids Express #4Kprogram. Our portfolios reflect children’s progress according to NAEYC’s early childhood #education standards.

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KELC is committed to promoting #children’s confidence as learners, and to help them build a strong foundation in reading, writing, language and mathematics through meaningful, fun, interactive, and rewarding activities. Please contact #Kids Express Learning Center @ 608.845.3245 to set up an appointment.
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