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Aaron Charles (ozmusic)
You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
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Hey there Agents.

I'll be in Christchurch, New Zealand doing some research for Nomad (will be looking into local Maori legends among other things).

Come join me at Dux Central and we'll hang out for a while and share stories.

I may need some help from you as well... keep an eye out for one or more Missions near Dux Central in the hours leading up the meet up -- I may have some intel to share if things go according to plans.

And my gratitude to the Agents on the ground in NZ (M., G., C. and F.) who are helping organize this event -- couldn't do it without you folks...


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Catastrophic events sometimes have an uncanny way of bringing out the best in people.
The Ingress community knows the central business district of Melbourne, Australia, as a portal dense playground where we live, work, interact and enjoy the ebb and flow of control between Blue and Green factions.
The evening of Wednesday the 25th of January, 2017, saw a small band of players representing both Resistance and Enlightened gather in this familiar space.
Unusual though, on this particular night, was the floral aroma of memorial wreaths that joined the sombre tone hanging heavily in the air.
Flowers, handwritten notes and tributes of all description lay at seemingly randomly spaced intervals throughout the centre of the city. Amongst these commemorative observances, the group of Ingress Agents had assembled to contribute an additional homage of their own, in their own way.
Tragically, the previous Friday had seen chaos descend upon these streets, as a rampaging driver, turning his vehicle into a weapon, mounted the footpaths and pavements, taking the lives of five pedestrians and seriously injuring over thirty others.
Beneath the shadow of shock and grief that this attack cast over their home, Melbourne's Ingress community banded together, regardless of factional loyalty, to extend a gesture of respect, compassion and empathy toward all those effected.
For the previous two days, word had circulated amongst hundreds of local players that the city was to be cleared of links and fields, framed by a border of blue and green, then starburst from a central point. The response was overwhelming, when the usually hectic Ingress activity within the city reduced to a trickle as the launch of the event drew nearer.
Participants farmed two anchors, then exchanged keys, bursters, mods and resonators with opposition team members to assure the memorial starburst impressively reflected our cross-factional solidarity.
At 9pm, players dispersed. Enlightened to the West and Resistance to the East and within two hours, the entirety of Melbourne's central business district was covered in hundreds of green and blue rays... Virtual rays, intangible, and invisible to most, but nonetheless, a radiant expression of support from the Ingress community to the greater community.
When the world seemed very dark, these two opposing forces joined together to illuminate their city.
Catastrophic events sometimes have an uncanny way of bringing out the best in people.

+Drew Ward​​​​​ +Derek Polyak​​​​​ +Phillip Walker​​​​​ +Taylor Hyslop BoganRobot​​​​​ +Branton O'Bree​​​​​ +Dave B​​​​​ +Jenn Atk​​​​ +Aaron Willcox​​​​​​ +Jemm​​​​​ +Harley Morrison​​​​​ +Ashleigh Moffatt​​​​​ +Robert Petrov​​​​​ +Di H​​​​​ +Katrina Kenny​​​​​ +Kirsty K​​​​​ +Jack 爽爽​​​​​

Special Thanks go to
+Drew Ward​​​​ for Proposal and Foundation for the Event
+Drew Ward​​​ +Derek Polyak​​​ +Taylor Hyslop BoganRobot​​​​ +Branton O'Bree​​​​ +Phillip Walker​​​​ +Cptn Kase​​​​ for organizing the turnout
+Dave B​​​​ +Taylor Hyslop BoganRobot​​​​ setting up the playbox
+Taylor Hyslop BoganRobot​​​​ for writing up the Sitrep
+Aaron Willcox​​​​ for the Gif Animation

As well as a huge thanks to all those unnamed agents whom cleared the area, refrained from linking within the play-box, as well as leaving the starburst untouched for over 31 hours. 
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Enlightened United - UNITED WE STAND!

Friday, January 13, 2017 - We crashed Niantic’s servers!

750 agents participated in Operation Enlightened United. The operation consisted of two project managers, 82 contacts, 29 captains, hundreds of local agents and one year of planning.
It all started with Enlightened Exodus - a tour of “city flips” in Sweden. All the contacts that were later to form the basis for Enlightened United were established during Exodus. Halfway into the Exodus tour, we started work on the United project. An idea that was not only totally crazy, but also unfeasible and inoperable, and which we should have rejected on all counts immediately….but, we strongly believe that all impossible challenges are meant to be tested!

As days turned into weeks, we watched United grow as an increasing number of cities around the target portal were also included. Soon to be followed by even more countries! An increase in cities required more keys and the key farming, which started on a small scale by a small group of dedicated agents from Trosa, Sweden, would be nowhere near enough. The result of our first key farm was 127 keys ... 20,500 was the final sum!
During the summer, agent Fladder and I spent almost all of our spare time under the "Oaxen Klockan" portal. After coming down with sunstroke on a particularly hot day, I finally burst out, "We can’t do this! We need more agents!"
The vision was to gather 20 agents for one day to hack keys for the target portal. We ended up with 45 agents …for two days…with a barbecue, archery and a line dancing lesson! A true-to-life Farmer’s Market. During the Farmer’s Market we became Enlightened United and the project entered its next phase.

To turn United from a vision to reality we needed key farmers, transporters, contacts and captains, keys in MUFG capsules, gear hackers and carriers, hundreds of local players, party committees, carriers, cars and drivers, link destoyers, PR group, linkers, decoy participants and much much more. The organization was huge!
OPSEC during the project was rigorous. Some agents didn’t even know the scope of the operation when GO went out in Zello. Reports of a leak were discussed with the contact group and we all agreed on the decision - we would continue and we were even more determined to pull the project off! Nothing could stop us, we were all ready and good to go!

During the final weeks of the project, large numbers of the participants worked with decoy operations in the form of starbursts, multi-layer fields, decay areas, blocking fields, as well as the multi-layer BAF built with the target portal as anchor. We called that "BAFore United".

United Day
The entire island was scanned to see if we had any Smurfs on-site and every car was checked against the registration office. OP spent a day on the island and soon realized that they had forgotten to bring coffee. Almost reason to cancel the entire project! Agent iCrille came to the rescue and sent over a packet of coffee with the ferry. He saved United!
Clean-up work, which had been progressing across the United geographical field for many days, intensified before GO. Three ready calls were sent via Zello to eleven corridor channels, which in turn had their own Zello channels.
At 9 pm we communicated that United was to become reality in two hours. Two ferries arriving to the island still had to be checked and everyone was reminded to drive sensibly and safely during the night operation.
Agents MrBodin and drstein were heroes as they helped the Smurf with a breakdown car during the evening. The agents of course played ignorant and as thanks for helping, they were given a lesson in Ingress by the Smurf car owners! They escorted the Smurf car and owners home safely…and several hours later, they were world champions!
The final ready call was sent at 10.40pm and now the last ferry had anchored for the night. There were no Smurfs present on the island and everyone was instructed to standby ...
Shortly before GO, a problem arose between Gotland and Öland. A link blocked Poland from creating their links and agent drOsmos travelled on icy roads to the southern tip of Gotland. He destroyed the blocking link and although a field was created soon afterwards between the two islands, Poland was still able to get their links through.
The target portal was flipped at 11 pm and OP sent the command DESTROY LINKS – CREATE LINKS! Several hundred synchronized links were received immediately from all directions.
On GO, agent Fladder linked some carefully selected blockers from the target portal creating a route, i.e. a corridor, for example to Gothenburg. It didn’t take long before the first spoofer attacker appeared, but Resistance had sent a level 3 spoofer who is unable to flip the target portal, and nearly a thousand people recharged the target portal simultaneously.
A blocker prevented large cities in Finland from participating and we sincerely apologize for the glitch.

At 00.30 am, 90 minutes after the start, we announced that Enlightened United had reached a new world record, but we continued to link.
At 1.30 am we passed the old record with 2,000 links and this is when Niantic’s servers could no longer cope. #WebrokeIngress . It took two days before Ingress was working as normal again.

The total number of links landed at 8,163. The record attempt had long been reported to the Guinness Book of Records and we are now awaiting their verdict.
Our organization had the potential and planning for all 20,500 keys. Niantic’s capacity could not meet our aspirations and today we know what the limit of links to one portal is. We contacted Niantic countless times before United to announce what was about to happen. They never got back to us.

To all Smurfs out there… it's ok - you can cry.

Links: 8,163
Longest link: 718 km
Available keys: 20,500
Participating countries: 7 (Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland)
Participating agents: 750 registrants before we closed down the registration form
Contact persons: 82
Captains: 29
Project manager: 2
Project planning: One year

We got united, we stood united, we are ENLIGHTENED UNITED!

Thanks to agent "hhoppo for translation!

CP:@soomaalane @Harakas
OP:@KannaEst @soend @Zialo

@1secureid @Achilleus1 @AdiKingEST @Alksy @Atheya @Bad0g @blackravi @BloodyHairyMary @Cat3y3 @Citymimm @Cnuffy @DeggyDhy @DonStone @EminemENL @es1tu @Esseker5 @EthanHuntEST @Filmifanaatik @filx @Fireberg @Fondestsilver @Fredegunde @Fullspeed20 @GloobusEST @Hundu @IamZeuz @ImCookieBear @ireleh @irual @Jaajog @jaak1 @juunior @Kaarelj @kadakas @kapy4 @kauri @ketzub @Konnaator @Krige @KukimukiEST @Latvijas @LaughterHouse @Libakonn @liivov @Linnuke @LostMorning @Lumepardel @Margushenka @Marto86 @meelegaas @meridee @munarebu @Negatiivi @Niidirull @NunnuEST @p2kapik @p6ts @parmuke @PinkChic @PiraatEST @Pistrik @Potza @priits @Printsess @qnb @redbeardEST @Ristiisa @RoosaPanter @Rylailina @sand14 @Satira777 @Sayusuli @SgtSiki @ShilkinS @sircu @stetoskoop @sulg88 @Taaks @Taavi305 @TanelKarimoisa @Terroristikhein @Tigetikker @TrikkEST @Trixen @Vanakuri @Vello345 @Vihmakass @Vilistaja @wat39 @wdiotr @xxOverDoSexx @zng


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Farmers Market

Decoy-op BAForeÖjes/posts/Uz7k4EAEmgZ

Enlightened United

Media, Sweden


+Matilde Tusberti +Ingress +Andrew Krug +Enlightened Today  +Anne Beuttenmüller 

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A Letter to Ingress Players: Thank you Agents for 2016

As 2016 draws to a close and 2017 is about to start, now is the natural time for reflection. For me personally, 2016 has been a rollercoaster in a way I never could have imagined. This is saying a lot as I’ve been on some pretty extreme rides in my life. Those other stories I’m saving for my book.

The biggest life change for me this year was with my career. Even as I type those words, it doesn’t seem to do the change justice. Life was comfortable for me in 2015. I had received yet another raise, promotion, and was doing something I loved. I often saw myself retiring from that company. I loved being a Program Manager using my PMP skills to manage U.S. defense contracts with a staff of people working for me researching next generation technology for the Army. Innovating. Pushing the boundaries. I was just as comfortable sitting at a desk as I was traveling the world and working in the dirt, snow, and sand. Life was good.

However, in 2012 I discovered something that rivaled my professional passion – Ingress. I saw how the game, and how Niantic’s vision for this space, could affect people in real and tangible ways. It was truly a life changing product. So in late 2015 I applied for the position of Global Community manager at Niantic. I didn’t need a job – I wanted this job. Fast-forward several months and January 4th, 2016 was my first day as a Niantic employee. It was the day my life changed yet again and a new chapter began.

I accepted the position with full knowledge and understanding of its demands. The path before me was cleared by people I knew and respected. This would make some things easier, but I would also need to blaze my own trail to be successful. To be honest, the last twelve months have been difficult. There were the expected physical challenges of dealing with a global game that never sleeps. Going to bed at 2am and waking up at 8am can make for long days. There have been the emotional challenges of being the focal point of daily criticism, negativity, and general cries for help. There were threats directed at me personally and my family as well. But in spite of all of the things that could/should have made me give up, there were two things that kept me going. The first was the support of my family. Specifically, my wife, who never flinched when things got tough or bad. The second was you – the players.

It’s easy to focus on and get caught up with the bad things in life instead of the positive. Particularly in today’s society when the currency of the Internet and even normal communication seems to skew towards hyperbole and rhetoric. I was able to center myself by seeing your pictures and reading your stories. Looking at images of players visiting the ocean for the first time because of Ingress, having Ingress babies with someone they met through the game, Agents marrying a fellow Agent, and most of all – players helping other players in times of need brought me great joy. For all the negativity that is the dominating sentiment of online communication, I believe, people genuinely want to do and be good. Being part of the force that enables these positive experiences has been rewarding beyond my wildest expectations. You never let me down and you continue to inspire me with your stories and achievements. Thank you for continuing to share.

While dealing with every situation as a GCM, I have tried to remain as unbiased and objective as humanly possible. It simply isn’t in my best interest to be biased or show favoritism. If people quit because of my actions and the game dies I will likely be out of a job. I’m also aware of the initial resistance (pun intended) many had with accepting me as anything but an Enlightened player. An early lesson I learned in my professional career is that “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. I accepted that as my mantra and simply tried to do as much as I could within my own limits. Thank you for understanding this and accepting me as a gray portal and not blue or green.

I am not perfect. I know I have many faults. One of my biggest faults is trying to keep up and stay organized with all of the inbound communication I receive. Currently, I welcome any communication via email, Slack, Group Me, Hangouts, Telegram, and social posts where I am tagged. If I’ve not responded to you or have left an issue unresolved, I apologize. Regardless, never be afraid to reach out to me. Just understand that sometimes the answer might be, “I am not able to help you.” and it might take a few days or a few weeks for me to reply. Thank you for your patience.

In this vein, understand that I am not NIA OPS. Two of my goals are to advocate and amplify player issues, concerns, criticisms, and compliments. I cannot adjudicate your tickets or personal situations. Using me as the first option to resolve a situation is not going to help your problem. Those who do adjudicate problems want them documented – rightfully so, to be honest. There are a few very rare circumstances and exceptions to every rule, but try to help yourself first. I am happy to provide advice and support when asked. Thank you for trusting me.

I also recognize the system isn’t perfect. There are areas we could and are working to improve. Despite the hyperbolic sentiment that some would have you believe, I know that Niantic has made great strides in the last year in the areas of transparency and communicating when there are problems, listening AND responding to player issues, continuing to close exploits that enable cheating and many others. I know because I’ve seen it first-hand or been part of some of the change personally. Thank you for understanding the challenges, allowing us to figure things out, and for being part of the solution when called upon.

Continued improvements are coming in 2017. Our work is not done with Ingress just because Pokémon GO was released and is profitable. In fact, I am VERY excited for what 2017 has in store for Ingress. As always, we continue to work on anti-cheat methods. Please understand that there is no single magic bullet for this complex technical problem. However, with each iteration, we continue to end more and more methods to exploit the game. Operation Portal Recon should be opened up to a wider audience and you should start to see portals appearing because of those efforts very soon. We understand the Anomaly format, both in terms of game-play and personal experience, needs to be revamped for fear of it becoming stale and are working on some radical new ideas to spice things up. The Lux Adventure campaign was such a great success that similar campaigns will be held in the future. 2017 will probably rival 2013 in terms of Ingress’s legacy and a year people often point to as their favorite. 2017 will be the foundation for 2018 and beyond. Good things are coming for Ingress. Thank you for continuing to support us and allowing us to grow during the many changes with our company over the last couple of years.

On a personal level, the Ingress journey I started in 2012 as one of the global points of contacts for the Enlightened and continuing on through the position of Global Community Manager at Niantic wouldn’t have been worth it or possible without you. It is no secret that the meta aspect of the game is what makes Ingress. You are Ingress. Every issue, good or bad, is a chance learn and grow. I will not soon forget all the Agents I met in 2016 and the experiences. To all the Agents I have yet to meet - soon™. Thank you all for allowing me to grow this year. Onward to 2017!

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Getting lost in the XM 😍
This is how the center of our Christmas Star looked like. More than 550 links were used to send lots of creativity enhancing exotic string material to the people of our city. It works wonders (as long as you ignore the usually remarks from local grumpy smurfs).
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Agents, we want to discover Townsville on Sunday Jan 15, 2017. In collaboration with the local tourism board we will provide you high quality missions to explore the city on foot together through the Augmented Reality game, #Ingress.

#TownsvilleShines #AdventuresOnFoot #IngressMissionDay

Sign up to receive more information soon.

Please ensure to RSVP via the Ticket URL. This will ensure that you are eligible to receive your in game badge when you complete the Missions in the area. Official Event URL at:

To join our Mission Day Lobby, visit us at Telegram by joining our chat group at

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Flashback Friday

#Ingress   #Enlightened   #Australia  

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This 'game' has taken me to many places I had never planned to visit, and I've met so many amazing people along the way! It's the people you meet in/from the game that keep it fun and interesting :)

Some Ingress travel highlights include:
> Getting collected from the hotel by an agent in Auckland and getting driven around chasing uniques after a flight delay meant that I'd be missing 13 magnus
> Finding a Resistance portal in Kruger National Park with cross-continent links and taking it down
> Meeting IRL a great bunch of durnks in Milan for Abaddon
> The offers for support and accommodation after some travel plans didn't work out
> The Japan mega anomaly and the awesome international crew that came along

Other Ingress highlights:
> The local Melbourne community, whilst not everyone gets along with one another, it's full of fun people on both sides of the scanner
> The Enlightened Olympics in January 2014
> Being PoC for Melbourne Interitus and winning, being part of the orga team for Melbourne Via Noir and winning
> Aurora Australis and the teamwork and coordination that goes into fielding a continent
> And so, so much more

I finally got around to pushing for L16 this week, at the same portal I reached L8 at on Feb 22, 2013. The scanner has changed a lot since then, as has Melbourne and the portal network; but we're still here trying to help humanity. With 9million AP to go when double AP was announced, I was surprised it only took me 9 days!

Thank you +Niantic for +Ingress, I'm looking forward to v2! And thank you to all the other agents that make this game what it is :)

#IngressYear4   #Ingress   #Enlightened   #Melbourne  
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Triple Black 😯😁
The number is 90.000...  Onyx Explorer x3.

Monday was the day. It took me a couple of days to get time to write something, still tired after the #ViaNoirNOLA win and late night partying... All these great great friends i have made through the years of +Ingress, you are the reason i keep playing!.

I came to the US with one goal.. to get my last 5000 UPV's for tripple Onyx. Starting in Boston, continuing towards Chicago, down to NOLA and finally to Orlando. I went through a lot of memorials, tons of historical areas, Zoo's, small remote cities, meet numerous local agents(so many hugs), had numerous conversations in COMM, in general exploring with a smile!

Monday stared in NOLA, and at that point i was missing around 1k UPV's. During the 12h or so i was on the road, i hit Baton Rouge, Slidell, Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Pascagoula, ending up at Spanish Plaza Park in Mobile, AL , where as i figured : "Yes, this is a good place to pick up more samples of XM while hacking my 90.000 unique portal." So i walked around the park and surrounding area hacking away at all those portals, picking the fountain as my 90.000 UPV. Tired and ready for bed, i hightailed back to the hotel and went to sleep. Tuesday morning, time for the "mandatory" pic at the portal, then on to the next adventure!

A lot of rambling and nonsense there, so I'll end with the following stats....
30.000 - 20.Nov 2014
60.000 - 04.Nov 2015
90.000 - 14.Nov 2016

#Ingress #Exploringtheworld #Explorealltheportals #IngressYear4 #Quack  

+Matilde Tusberti +John Hanke +Bill Kilday +Mike Quigley +Ethan Lepouttre +Anne Beuttenmüller +Linda Besh +Andrew Krug +Haerang Dong +Masashi Kawashima 
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