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G+ New interface inspires me to start using it again..tnx google
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Largest Botnet Takedown In History - FBI takes down DNS Changer botnet aided $14 million click fraud scheme

It’s nice to have a win; it sends a message to these guys that just because you’re in Eastern Europe doesn’t mean you’re out of reach.
Paul Ferguson Trend Micro

The FBI, along with authorities in Estonia, have achieved the largest botnet takedown in history and arrested six Estonians behind a five-year-old scheme that generated upwards of $14 million in fraudulent Internet advertising revenue, according to the FBI and Trend Micro, one of the security companies involved in taking down the botnet.

Operation Ghost Click was executed Tuesday when officials from the FBI and the Estonian national police made the arrests in Tartu, Estonia, and simultaneously shut down data centers in New York and Chicago that served as the command-and-control infrastructure for the botnet.

Rove Digital, an Estonian Web host, was behind an expansive scheme that used malware called DNS Changer that would change the Domain Name System (DNS) settings on infected computers to point to foreign IP addresses; the criminals were in control of 14,000 such illicit domains. Infected machines were used to replace legitimate advertisements with ads the criminals were trying to monetize via click fraud. The DNS Changer botnet infected four million computers worldwide, including a half-million machines in the United States, the FBI said.

“The malware can be removed from machines using traditional antivirus software,” said Trend Micro Advanced Threats Researcher Paul Ferguson. “But the problem is, that doesn’t change the DNS settings back to where they should be.” Ferguson said ISPs would have to help with the cleanup; the FBI has also provided a tool on its website that detects DNS Changer infections.

Ferguson said Trend Micro saw the first signs of DNS Changer infections in 2006 and alerted authorities. The attacks were traced to Rove Digital, a legitimate Estonian company on the surface that was in control of millions of compromised machines, redirecting them to sites hosting their illegitimate ads. Rove Digital was parent company to several illegal shell companies, Trend Micro said in a blog post today, including Esthost, which was taken down in 2008 when its San Francisco provider Atrivo was shut down. At that time, Rove Digital spread its C&C infrastructure around the world, including to the Pilosoft data center in New York.

“It was very profitable and very clever,” Ferguson said. “They probably thought they were safe because there was no big target on their back such as others who are stealing bank accounts and using money mules to move money. They thought they were under the radar because they were monetizing and replacing ad revenue.”

Years of investigative work culminated yesterday when officials arrested the six Estonians. The U.S. will seek to extradite them, the FBI said. Rogue DNS servers were seized in the raids in New York and Chicago; legitimate DNS servers were installed prior to the takedown to avoid interruption of Internet service for infected users, the FBI said.

“There was extensive coordination. The FBI got on a plane and in conjunction with Estonia national police executed the arrests early yesterday, local time,” Ferguson said. “Slowly but surely, we’re having successes in taking down criminals like this across jurisdictions. It’s nice to have a win; it sends a message to these guys that just because you’re in Eastern Europe doesn’t mean you’re out of reach.”
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Beautiful Image on Global Warming.. is that really going to happen ?
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Certainly not in Mexico D.F.
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Google announced that Google Buzz will be shutting down in a few week times

What will happen to Orkut Please share your view

Google says it will be shutting down Google Buzz and the Buzz API to focus on Google+, where users will be able to see their existing Buzz content and download it using Google Takeout.

On the official Google Blog Bradley Horowitz, Google’s vice president of product wrote:

“We aspire to build great products that really change people’s lives, products they use two or three times a day. To succeed you need real focus and thought—thought about what you work on and, just as important, what you don’t work on. It’s why we recently decided to shut down some products, and turn others into features of existing products.”

Google also announced that they are shutting down Code Search on January 15 and that they will also be shutting down Jaiku, a Twitter like service it acquired in 2007.

The announcement follows another in early September about a number of other services that Google would shut down, including Aardvark, Fast Flip, Sidewiki, Image Labeler and others.
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Google is the new Myspace. Just not as cool. I have already started mapping my future, as far, as going ahead and staying with And, yes, I made the decision after hearing the sad news about Google Buzz. I mean this was the best tool for the public to use against all that is Wrong in the world. DUMB MOVE GOOGLE! YOU NOT ONLY DROPPING THE BALL, UR QUITTING TOO! U QUIT, SO I QUIT. i need Google acct for my HTC. But, therre will be away out of that soon, too. We are witnessing the dis-assembly of Google. o'well Facebook has rank anywayz!
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Four key reasons to include cloud computing in your business strategy

Summary: The issue of success or failure in moving your company data, IT storage, servers or software to the cloud is often driven by technical issues, including performance, bandwidth, security and total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) considerations.

Here are four questions, which include key metrics and drivers, to ask when researching cloud solutions that will maximize the value of cloud computing for your organization

1. Why is investment being spent on areas of IT that are not differentiating your business and can be commoditized?
Key Metric: The balance of percent of investment on non-core commodity IT
Key drivers: TCO needs to consider where to focus IT investment

2. How can IT grow and adapt with the ever-increasing expansion of data storage and the growth of computing demands eclipsing on-premise facilities?
Key Metric: The cost of storage and archiving , recovery and continuity
Key drivers: Latency of network and storage costs can be targeted through considering the whole IT portfolio, not just niche use cases of cost-performance. Look at the bigger picture.

3. How can access to new markets and new channels be better served through extending networks and partnerships?
Key Metric: Size of markets and effectiveness of sales channels, both internal sales and external direct sales and reselling
Key drivers: Total cost of acquisition can include the creation or use of third-party distributed marketplaces and self-service portals and platforms

4. Is your own IT fast enough to beat your competition or drive the cost savings or revenue and margin growth plans you need?
Key metric: Speed of IT delivery and its cost and quality of service.
Key drivers: Performance can be offered through selected service provisioning. Question whether all knowledge needs to be in-house. Skills can be as-a-service too.
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+Daniel Treadwell Shared :-)
Plusses originally shared: - RSS & Vanity URLs, the Google+ powered blogging platform has been updated to allow site supporters to create vanity URLs and expose an RSS feed of their public Google+ posts.

Vanity URLs are in the format of [vanity_name], making it very easy to remember and share your blog with others. Be sure that you choose carefully as names can only be chosen once.

RSS feeds are updated daily and will broadcast the last 20 posts made by the user. They can be accessed by going to your new Vanity URL [vanity_name], or via[YourProfileID]/rss.xml.

To see an example, check out mine at

Becoming a site supporter

To provide a service such as this it requires a fair amount of time and resources. In order to continue to provide such a service a supporter option has been created.

For a single, once off payment of US$15.00 you will receive a Vanity URL of your choosing (subject to availability) and a daily updated RSS feed. You will also continue to have your blog hosted for the lifetime of this website. We're not planning on going anywhere, this is just a way of ensuring that. To become a supporter simply sign in and follow the instructions via your settings page.

Some people won't like this option and that is fine, hosting will still continue as it is now, I am just ensuring the longevity of the site which is better for everyone.

Upcoming updates is still under development, so keep your suggestions coming. Below are just a couple of changes we will be rolling out in the near future.

- More default themes for you to choose from
- Customisable CSS, allowing your site to be designed by you
- Tag based visibility of your posts
- More information and pages to make it even more 'blog-like'

What is

Thanks for the continued support, be sure to send us any feedback that you may have. We are always listening.

#GooglePlusBlog #Blog #Plusses #GooglePlusAPI
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Researchers Demo Cloud Computing Security Issue With Amazon AWS Attack
Researchers from the Horst Goertz Institute (HGI) of the Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) in Germany have demonstrated an account hijacking attack against Amazon Web Services (AWS) that they believe affects other cloud computing products as well.

The attack uses a technique, known at XML signature wrapping or XML rewriting, that has been known since 2005 and exploits a weakness in the way Web services validate signed requests.

The flaw is located in the WS-Security (Web Services Security) protocol and enables attackers to trick servers into authorizing digitally signed SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messages that have been altered.

"Wrapping attacks aim at injecting a faked element into the message structure so that a valid signature covers the unmodified element while the faked one is processed by the application logic. As a result, an attacker can perform an arbitrary Web Service request while authenticating as a legitimate user," the RUB experts explained in a research paper published in 2009.

The new practical attack against Amazon's cloud infrastructure was demonstrated at the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security last week and involved obtaining unauthorized access to an AWS account.

Using XML signature wrapping, the researchers were able to delete and create new images on the customer's EC2 (elastic cloud computing) instance and perform other administrative tasks.

In addition, a separate cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Amazon's store allowed the team to hijack an AWS session. "We had free access to all customer data, including authentication data, tokens, and even plain text passwords," said Mario Heiderich, who discovered the flaw together with colleagues Juraj Somorovsky and Meiko Jensenone.

"It's a chain reaction. A security gap in the complex Amazon shop always also directly causes a gap in the Amazon cloud," he explained.

Amazon was quick to address both issues, however, the researchers suspect that other cloud computing platform are affected as well. In fact, they already found that Eucalyptus, an open source solutions commonly used for private cloud computing infrastructure, is vulnerable to XML rewriting attacks.

"We find these flaws in nearly every implementation," said Joerg Schwenk, the chair for network and data security at the HGI and coordinator of the research team who identified the Amazon issues. "Other vendors are vulnerable, but we do not know of any other vendors using SOAP for accessing their cloud services," he concluded.

Schwenk's HGI team also demonstrated a separate attack recently which exploits a vulnerability in the XML Encryption standard to decrypt secure communication between web services.
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Meeting Best of the Worlds - Turbocharging Rackspace Cloud Computing with the RightScale Cloud Management Platform

+Robert Scoble Hope your part of this Show.

Date: Thursday, November 3
Time: 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM UK (London) / 20:00 CET

Do you need a solution to manage your Rackspace cloud deployments faster and easier? RightScale can help.

The RightScale Cloud Management Platform helps Rackspace customers by delivering faster cloud on-boarding with pre-built stacks and best practices. RightScale’s platform provides tools to manage cloud initiatives more efficiently with functionality such as auto-scaling and database backups. Attend this webinar and you will learn how RightScale manages some of the largest and cutting-edge cloud deployments in the world.

In this webinar we will cover:
1. Super fast on-boarding with easy-to-deploy, pre-built ServerTemplates™ built by RightScale. ServerTemplates include pre-configured images, scripts, alerts, and monitors that can be customized.
2. Managing more Cloud Servers with your IT team with automation tools. RightScale users routinely achieve server to sys admin ratios in the hundreds to thousands of servers.
3. Automation of RackConnect, Rackspace’s hybrid Cloud Hosting and Managed Hosting link. With RightScale and RackConnect, you can create an automated Deployment with load balancers and application servers using Cloud Servers and databases using Managed Servers.
4. Live demo using RightScale to build and manage a Rackspace cloud deployment.
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hlo i am shahzad
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Technology Problems Possible

I discovered a new first world problem. I called a friend's mobile phone while he was at home and we were discussing things for ten minutes or so. Then his spouse arrived home from a trip to the store and parked the car inside their garage. My call ended suddenly and I was a bit confused.

Later, I found out that as the car entered the garage, my friend's mobile automatically connected to it via his stored Bluetooth profile. His spouse was suddenly hearing my half of the conversation on the car's stereo speakers. She panicked, and hit the call end button on the steering wheel.

It felt like one of the weirdest edge case technology problems possible.

- Matt Haughey's Personal Blog
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Lol - that can get embarrassing ....
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Oracle Continues Push Into Cloud Computing With RightNow Deal

Oracle Corp. said it is buying customer-service software maker RightNow Technologies Inc. for $1.43 billion in cash, continuing a recent push into the fast-growing field of cloud computing.
The deal marks the first time Oracle has bought a company that sells application programs accessed primarily over the Internet, a segment known as software as a service. The acquisition comes shortly after Oracle introduced several internally developed applications that are accessed in the "cloud," a catchall term for online data and programs.
Oracle made online software a centerpiece in its user conference earlier this month. The Redwood Shores, Calif., company said it would launch its own "cloud" where businesses could store data and access programs. It also said that many of its own software programs would be available on its "cloud."
RightNow is another arrow in Oracle's online quiver. The Bozeman, Mont., company's software is used by call centers and help desks to help improve customer service. It reported revenue of $186 million in the fiscal year ended in December, up from $153 million a year earlier.

Cigna is buying HealthSpring, Oracle will acquire RightNow and Mattel will acquire HIT Entertainment. WSJ's Deal Journal Writer Shira Ovide reports in this Markets Hub "Merger Monday" edition.

In a press release and online presentation, Oracle said it planned to add RightNow's software to its own portfolio of online offerings, which include programs for managing sales and marketing and human resources. An Oracle spokeswoman declined to comment beyond the materials.
Oracle is purchasing RightNow as the market for online software has swelled, outstripping the growth in traditional software. Sales of online software, which was $10 billion in 2010, is expected to more than double to $21.3 billion in 2015, research firm Gartner said. Traditional software, which businesses install on equipment they own, is much larger—$104 billion in 2010, according to Gartner, but growing much slower.
"It's a sign of future acquisitions" for Oracle, said Ray Wang, an analyst at Constellation Research. He said Oracle may snap up more companies in the fragmented online software market, which currently doesn't have a large company that sells a wide variety of programs.
In another sign of growth for the online software segment, Workday Inc., which makes online human resources software, said Monday that it raised an additional $85 million in venture-capital funding.
Recently, Oracle has acquired several companies that make technology that could be used to enhance other online software offerings. Last week, Oracle said it was buying Endeca Technologies Inc., which makes tools that help businesses analyze data, for an undisclosed amount.
Oracle offered $43 a share for RightNow and said the deal, expected to close by early next year, is valued at about $1.5 billion net of RightNow's cash and debt.
Monday, Oracle shares were up 75 cents, or 2.3%, to $32.87 in 4 p.m. trading on the Nasdaq. RightNow shares were up $6.98, or 19%, to $42.94.

—Matt Jarzemsky contributed to this article.
Write to Ben Worthen at
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+Aaron Lintz looks like wordpress issue. Loading the backup.. Thanks for the information
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