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I feel like this is a really interesting take on the Zombie genre (I mean I haven't seen too much of it from the P.O.V of kids before) and it's definitely something you should check out.
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I backed this a few days ago, It looks really interesting =]
They'd received their target by the time I found out about it but I really want to be in on this!
When the game gets released I shall let you play it as much as you like. I'm sure there will be the ability to create more then one character. If you like it enough you could then purchase it =]
Aah, no, I've backed it! There are still 8 days left (Thanks though :D)
How do you find out about kickstarters so fast?
I find out about them by just going on the website and browsing my interests. I back waaaaaay too many projects on Kickstarter, its like an addiction. Although in my defence I don't really buy mainstream games any more, and they ones I do buy I never play that much, so by backing these I get a game (or something else like my robot; OMG I CANT WAIT FOR MY ROBOT TO COME!)...erm...yeah, I get a game that is a lot cheaper then a mainstream game and it will most likely be more fun as its something I've handpicked. 
Oh God, I hadn't realised that you could search the tags, I've only ever been linked to individual project pages before. I've now backed 2 more projects - oh dear. Well it's more of an incentive to get work!

To be honest I get the majority of my games from the humble indie bundles and steam sales so I wouldn't say that I get a lot of mainstream games either.

You have to make a video of your robot when you get it so I can see it! :D
It's being shipped in September, so you'll get to see it in person =p I'll still probably make a video of what I've done with it, I was talking to the guy running the project and he really wants to see what people do with it. 

There is another Zombie type game I funded on their that you might like the look of, it's like a combination between Left 4 Dead and Sims.
I am totally up for making a trailer for an action film with one of those as the main protagonist... it could end with someone fainting next to it and sighing "Oh, Hexy!" 

Oh cool, if they get more than they asked for they might bring it to Mac/Linux too!
Haha, that would be pretty cool. I've suddenly remembered the episode of Friends with Mac and Cheese =P
I just backed this too! This game looks awesome and adorable at the same time (although I can't afford the puppy SADFACE).
I got the puppy because I don't neet to buy food any more nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh. :P
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