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I am proud and very happy to announce that effective today, I am joining Nymity as Vice President of Privacy Office Solutions.

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US firms have been backing a more 'business-friendly' approach in the revisions to the EU privacy regulation; but I have to wonder what the impact of these revelations will have now on the European perspective. More support for tighter rules?
all your data are belong to the nsa, fbi, cia, and that includes (ALL YOUR PHOTOS, ALL YOUR CHATS, ALL YOUR EMAILS, ALL YOUR PORN BROWSING, ALL YOUR PRIVATE INFO, ALL EVERYTHING!)

Even more reason to take back your privacy, be careful what you share and access online and what you say even in private. The NSA, FBI, and even the police can read your your private stuff without a warrant AND will be used against you, ya sure you might think you got nothing to hide, but thats the thing, you could say something, do something, be somewhere at the wrong place and time and it can be used against you. This information has already been abused with the IRS targeting as well as reporters being spied on.
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