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I find google+ rather slow to open.

I have noticed another difference between Facebook and Google+.
Facebook presents as a form of diary. It is a place for creating a record of your life. This means we can post with no clear idea of anyone else seeing it. In practice, others do read it and we interact. But it is possible to post even without an expectation of an audience.
Google+ feels more as though it is set up for conversation. Posts feel as though they need to be directed at an audience.
It feels as bit to me as though Google+ can work well when you have are confident people are 'listening'. It can work very well when you have a clear and limited audience for the post.
But Facebook might have an edge for keeping you posting even if there is not much reaction.

There is a major difference between the way Google+ treats relationships, and the way Facebook does it.
A Facebook friendship is an automatic two way street. Friends have equal access to each other (unless you use the options for limiting access, which require some effort).
While Google+ offers the opportunity to create circles without overhearing - and that is a feature I like, and already making good use of - it also works like Twitter in allowing us to add someone to a circle without them adding us to theirs. So we can see what they are saying, but they can't see what we are saying.
I think this may influence how people use it.

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Feedback I just sent to Google:

I personally am happy to use my real name, but many people are not. Yes, this is open for abuse, but that's what reporting and blocking people is for - to report abuse. Google is showing a real disregard for the privacy of its users, as well as a real misunderstanding of what a pseudonym is and does.

For many people a pseudonym is really and truly the name they are known by, either in real life, on the internet, or both. For many more people a pseudonym is a matter of personal safety. Does it conform to "community standards" that a victim of stalking or domestic violence must reveal their full name to the world? Please rethink this policy.

As far as I'm concerned, it is a well established standard in the internet community that many (if not most) people, for a variety of reasons, are known by one or more pseudonyms, please change your terms of service to reflect this.

Sad to hear about Amy Winehouse.

What is with 'incoming'? How do people get into that? Mine is gathering a collection of stuff I would never seek out.
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