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Hive Maintenance - Keeping Up With Honey Flow
We have six hives now and I think this is our fourth year in bee keeping, not really sure if that is correct I've lost track of time.  Three of the hives are very strong and well established and the other three are swarms that we caught just last spring and...

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Searching For The Perfect Poultry - Pullets Available Now
Back in February we began hatching out chicks fast and furious so that we would have pullets ready to go early spring.  We're still working through a few orders, those folks with Ameraucans, Olive Eggers or Blue Laced Red Wyandottes on your orders, we haven...

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Setting Up A Hive From A Captured Swarm
Catching Swarms And Setting Up a New Hive Each year right around the middle to end of April is the prime time that our hives will begin to swarm.  We've had our hives for right around three years but still feel very new to bee keeping, there is just so much...

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When Are My Chicks Coming - Spring On The Farm
Spring has sprung and the crazy hustle and bustle has begun.  It's been awhile since I've had a chance to sit down and write a blog, I want to give you a peek into why it takes so long to fill those chick and pullet orders.  Right now is the time when every...

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Rendering Lard
Lard, is it good, is it bad?  Well it just so happen it's not as bad for you as we've been told.  Pure lard has no trans fats and has half the amount of saturated fat of butter and is also high in Vitamin D. When I say pure lard I'm not talking about superm...

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New Breed On The Farm - Maline
We have another new breed at the Chicken Scratch Poultry Farm.  The
Malines were created in Belgium back in the 1800's as a meat bird. 
This is a heavy breed, roosters can weigh over 12 lbs.  We have a
couple that are topping the scales at 14 lbs.  Altho...

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Chicken Scratch Poultry Farm Store - Etsy
We're happy to announce we've opened an etsy farm store.  We'll be offering products created right here on the farm like our home grown honey, homemade soap, dried berries, flowers, vines, wreaths, baskets and much more.  Not only will there be hand made pr...

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Love the Crested Cream Legbar!

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New Breed On The Farm - Crested Cream Legbar
One of our new breeds on the  Chicken Scratch Poultry Farm  for spring 2017 will be the Crested Cream Legbar.  I can honestly say I've grown to love this breed and I feel confident you'll enjoy it as much as we have.     This remarkable bird has all  the at...

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Pullets Available For Shipping
We have a nice selection and range of ages in our started young pullets so I though it would be a good time to share a few photos.  Fall is a great time for shipping poultry, with the cooler weather they ship very well.  Some of the pullets that we have rig...
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