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Firebird SQL Hosting
Firebird SQL database hosting and advice
Firebird SQL database hosting and advice


Post has attachment has been hosting with HREF Tools in California since early October 2014.
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Here are links for the latest Firebird client-side DLL files for Windows.

This is version from the 5-Dec-2014 security update published at

Here are the direct download links:

To use these filCes, copy the appropriate 32-bit or 64-bit DLL file to fbclient.dll and place in the same folder as your EXE or on the PATH.  This applies to custom EXEs compiled with Delphi or FreePascal, plus third party products for Interbase and FIrebird such as IB_SQL, FlameRobin, tools from IBPhoenix and IBSurgeon, etc.  In some cases you may need to copy the file to gds32.dll if the EXE in question looks only for that DLL name.
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