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Do you go on meditative walks often? If so, what tips would you give to a beginner?
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+Chase Night I think it's harder in the city. In my experience I can get into the zone quickly when I'm at the ranch. But meditative walking in a city is good practice. :) Thanks for stopping by!
+Sui Solitaire Wonderful advice! I'm writing a post on this topic and will be directing readers to this thread. :) Thank you!
Feel every step. Allow your body to connect and enjoy the walking.
I walk with no agenda, destination, or time limit. If I have any of those, the meditation seems less.
+Casey Carey-Brown That is so awesome! I love walking. Yesterday, I got stuck with writing and took a tiny, slow meditative walk. When I got back I was on track again. Have fun on your daily commute.
Great post! One of my favorite suggestions in Thich Nhat Hanh's book, if I remember correctly (it's been a while since I read it), is to try to be aware of how your weight shifts from one foot to the other with each step. Sometimes, when I'm having trouble being present while walking, I try to focus on that weight shift and it helps bring me back.
Tammy! Love the experiment!
A good ol walking meditation really soothes my soul. As mentioned in other comments, feeling the weight of my feet touch the ground with each step is surprisingly awesome. Becoming more self aware with each step is liberating and helps my mind focus.
Thank you for this post!
I choose to walk in many places but a favourite has to be in woodland, far from cars - I meditate on each sense as I walk, first seeing, then hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. Touching is wonderful if walking completely barefoot on soft ground - it's almost ecstatic
Walking is definitely my preferred form of mediation! But, I actually find it easier when walking on city streets... With so much going on around me, letting go and simply observing seems to be my natural reaction. Now that I live in a city that's not pedestrain friendly, I do it far less often. Something to work on, for sure. :)
Yes, I do. My main tip is watch out for falling coconuts!
I love this idea...this is something a city girl could use. People are always going a hundred miles an hour around here. I will try to slow down, and breath, and enjoy..until the next person knocks me over..
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