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What's your superpower?
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Well I always wished for a ring of power like Green Lantern... but I doubt that is what you mean.

I think my superpower is just to be en the quest to simplify my thoughts and empower people to do the same. A clean mind is more receptive to the beauty and ideas that really matter.
Organization. Definitely. It's important for everything to have its place. You have to use less brain power later keeping track of everything ;)
Today, I am under the impression my superpower is being underslept. I seem to function relatively normal on not enough sleep. However, I was blogging until 3 am... so I earned it.

Otherwise, hair. I have a strange power over synthetic hair.
I never seem to get bored with myself, even if others pay me no attention.
lol i wrote a blog on this a couple of weeks ago! I determined ...
I am an Occam’s razor wielding, reality checking , superhero who gets to the heart of things and helps people pull all of the pieces together.
I talk a lot. Wait, is that a super power? I'd like to think I have super relatableness. But really, it's probably super awkwardness.
I listen to others more than I talk. I can also empathize with others easily.
I seek out and absorb information. I love to learn as much as possible about the world and everything in it!
My friends say it is fast healing, like Wolverine. I do heal cuts and scrapes really fast most of the time - like by the end of the day. But not always, so I don't really think it's a superpower.

I feel like my superpower is to find a way to make things happen. I love it when I am confronted with a problem, mine or someone else's, and then I just push my nose into it and go go go until I get results. I love being able to do for my friends when they are in need. I am very patient, very stubborn, with a lot of endurance and a lot of optimism.
Smell. And I have equal power in recognizing what I am smelling.
My superpower would be practicality. I can take a problem, be it mine or someone elses and come up with a practical and workable solution, I'm pretty darn good at the physical work too :o)
I see how it all fits together. Not in a metaphysical sense, but when I look at something I absorb it from all angles and I see how it all works together to do what it does. Then I can often see new ways to reconstruct it and put it back together in better ways.

My preferred area to do this in is in songwriting and music arrangements.
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