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We are new to cycling and I was only apprehensive about the rain because of my glasses. Several folks chimed in about wearing a ball cap under my helmet and it's worked well for all but the heaviest of precipitation. My new issue is foggy lenses in cold weather. I appreciate the statement about reluctancy to ride because of the acclimation to climates.
All the time. How else would it be in the pacific northwest? Good rain gear including rain booties and wool long johns and I'm happy as a clam.
first time I found myself on a bike under a heavy rain was in Dublin, Ireland...and I was totally unprepared :D
I wore blue jeans, k-way and running shoes...very bad idea!!! Now that I know what I might face, I wear short bike pants (which dry in a few minutes), gore-tex shoes and a cycling jacket: much better! I can fully enjoy the prickling sensation of the chilly rain on my legs while not completely soaked (I use my bike only in summer).
Living in the UK, I cycle in the rain quite a lot. I've got a rain cape, rather than a raincoat/trousers set and I find it's much more effective as I can wear it over anything from a swimsuit to a snowsuit plus backpack. Plus, I can knit under it at festivals :) Most of the time, for a short trip, like my 20-minute daily commute, I don't bother and just trust my coat and high-vis jacket and mudguards to keep me dry enough.

I don't mind the wet part of cycling in the rain, but (as another glasses wearer) it can be hard to see and there seems to be more dangerous driving about, perhaps because of the reduced visibility.
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