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Who do you admire? Here's an interview with someone I think very highly of >
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I'm really inspired by how Dee respects everyone in the world and believes we are here together to end suffering.
how much do you love her mom?? ...the other 1% can't spell... bah ha ha haaaa. awesome.
are you going to do a follow-up interview with her? i'd love to hear what her new current favorite books are, whether or not she ever researched the sound like she wanted to, etc.
lastly, when i saw the title of your blog all i could think was: how you livin' biggie smalls? :)
Fantastic re-post Tammy!! Mountains Beyond Mountains is one of my favorite books of all time.
I admire a lot of people. People like you, people who dare to challenge their own doings and go on a new (unknown) road.
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