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What’s your theme for next year?
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But hopefully I will still have a theme for 2013 too. :)
New beginnings, downsizing, freedom, living!
Nice themes my friends. My theme for 2012 is Experiment. I'll be posting my annual review tomorrow. Yippie! :)
More than once my readings saying my stage has been set. It is time to walk out on it and shine.

My theme is to be me, be true, and write from my heart all the healing, health and life lessons possible. Live it all to the fullest and be grateful.
Positive engagement, travel and hiking up physical and mental mountains!
My theme for next year is Cultivate. It's sort of me branching off of this whole Reverb thing and starting my own project as a nurturer and cultivator of dreams, intentions, and aspirations. We can't manifest the future unless we cultivate it.
Tessa D
Honesty, that's my theme. Honesty to self, to ideals, to dreams, to potential, to my life with partner, to others. 
Simplicity for my social media engagement. I have too many platforms and as a consequence my content is stretched waaay tooooo thin.
Facing fear. I'd like to pick something different, because I'm tired of fear, but it's my biggest obstacle. So this year has to be really focused on this with a commitment to finding tools and solutions.
Creation; During the last year I've gotten a lot better about consistency, but I'm still letting myself drift too long between projects. If I don't want to write, I should be painting. If I don't want to paint I should be writing. And if neither is appealing, I should be asking myself what else I can learn to create.
Faith! I really enjoyed reading about your 2011 focus on focus. It's inspired me to keep focusing. It's beautiful to be so honest about missing your friends!
Family. 2011 was a year of change for me and really getting to the heart of many of my values. Family and Community are high on that list. In 2012 I hope to strengthen and nurture relationships with those I care most about.
Mary T
Continued transition, simplification, life renewal.
Like yourself,more time on personal fun like yoga, hiking, friends. Digital responsibilities can be overwhelming and take away precious time.
Simplicity, Meaning , and New Beginnings!
1. Simplicity: Breaking things down to manageable 'chunks' and 'bits.'
2. Focus: As a practical component to simplicity.
3. Inner work: Digging deeper to solve some long-standing issues
4. Time: Taking more of it for myself - to read, listen to my heartbeat, finding daily inner calm, applying meditative moments. (And also using my time more wisely, getting up earlier, etc.)
5. Credit: Giving myself some for all my accomplishments, whether small, medium, or large.
Brilliant question.

I like transformation.
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