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Do you publish daily? If so what's the experience like?

I've been tossing around the idea of writing a free daily letter via email and posting to the blog once a week during the month of January. I'm not sure if I'll do it or not. Still thinking about the concept, which was inspired by +Gwen Bell.
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I would worry about burnout - not only of you, but of the subject matter.
+Matt Langdon Good point. I'm not sure if I could keep up the pace with really good content. Then again, it would be an interesting challenge. :)
I've been watching Gwen's experiment with interest. If you did this, do you think your writing would change?
+Chris Baskind Possibly. I journal everyday and that's similar to writing a letter. If I tried this experiment the letters would probably be short and succinct. I've been writing weekly letters ( ) and I would still do that but they are longer. I've really enjoyed writing to letter subscribers in the last year. Lately blogging has felt blahh to me and I've been tossing around the idea of trying something new. I'm trying to nail down why I've been feeling that way with no success.
I have published a photograph every day since July, first on Tumblr, now on G+. It's easier for me as a visual person than writing.

Transitioning to inbox writing seems to be the way to go these days. It makes sure your message gets into the right hands right away. What worries me most as I design a daily inbox delivery is becoming boring to my readers.

Studying +Ev Bogue's format I notice he stays extemporaneous. Sometimes his daily offering is long, sometimes short, simple or complex. It looks like if you stay on top of it each day you work through most of the kinks.
I publish daily on my blog the Tiny House Blog but it is not all my writing. I use guest writers frequently and people who are actually living their story. My problem is keeping up as so many people share their ideas and stories but I don't wish to publish more than once a day.
If you feel like you should, then do it! Forget logic!
+Gwen Bell Love those ideas. I'll think about the hybrid style options. The logical side of my brain is screaming NO because it's a change and I never do well with changes. :)
I would say you are already writing daily even though you are not publishing daily. I think the logical side of your brain is screaming "NO!" because you are already writing for your book manuscript, your blog, your letter, your class, answering interview questions, writing guest posts, and responding to reader questions and media requests via email. I'm sure I'm missing a few writing projects in there but those are a few off the top of my head. :^) What the hell though, I'm always up for a 30 day challenge. ;^)
Do it! You know what? You have the power to stop anytime you want, if it's not working for you. Or you could do an every-other-day publish, or a rainy-day publish, or really, anything you want! You will have readers, I assure you.
I read +Gwen Bell every day, and I look forward to seeing her name show up in my inbox. While I write every day, I'm in a phase of only publishing a few times a week. I've published daily in the past, and simply stopped when it no longer seemed best for me. If you're feeling it, why not give it a shot?
I don't publish but I subscribe to +Gwen Bell and +Ev Bogue and enjoy the inbox. It feels more personal I they are visiting me on my turf instead of me going to their home for instruction. Does that make sense?
Winter is a quiet time of year. It would be a great time to write a daily newsletter.
It would be a professional challenge for sure.
You could always stop if necessary!!!
Writing is like talking or having a conversation.
Think of it as a daily conversation. Only you are writing it down.
Here's another perspective:

It seems that in 2011 you've diminished the content of your blog pretty considerably and seem to be catering to an ever-smaller segment of your readership. While I understand your motivation to publish a subscription-only weekly letter, it's not something that many casual RK readers are interested in. I also understood - though was disappointed by - the considerable reduction in post frequency after your July sabbatical. (I do miss those Friday links a lot.) I respected your rationale that time away from the computer and internet and all the rest of it is important. But now that you're considering taking on the challenge of publishing daily, why take free content away from your blog? If people want RK content delivered to their inbox, they can sign up for an RSS feed. If your blog is feeling "blah" to you - write about different topics, change the format, change the style. Don't abandon the blog for a newsletter. In order to keep up with the Rowdy Kittens conversation, folks already have to use both your homesite and google +. A third platform seems excessive.

I hope you don't see this as negative. I like your writing and find your perspective really interesting. I wish you lots of success and hope you find something that works for you and your readers.
I love the idea of a month of publishing! What a marvelous way to ring in the new year. I definitely understand how it feels a bit daunting. I love the hybrid idea!
This is an interesting trend (writing to inboxes daily) which I have recently started to follow. I don't currently blog, but my partner Ahava ( does and I introduced her to Ev and his course: Get Paid to Write, thinking that it was perfect for what she said she wanted to do.(IE write more) While she was excited to take the course, once in, it proved to be a bit much for her between her radio show, teaching an 8 week course in her studio, 1 on 1's with clients, a writing contract and another book project that she is still working on. (and I think she usually journals on a daily basis too)

Living with a writer can be rather intense in my experience (Ahava wrote her PhD dissertation last year) so it was interesting to hear from Logan. In fact I've often thought I'd like to have a conversation with the partners of writers to see what our experiences are like.

All that said, I'd be interested in seeing what it would be like to receive a daily letter from you. I've just signed up with Gwen and resigned up with Ev and what I miss are the graphics of the blog. Also, what I don't really like yet is the sense of urgency I feel to "process" yet another e-mail in my box. With an RSS feed on my iGoogle home page I get to pick and choose which post I start with. My home page feels more like a personalized newpaper to me where I can catch up with the writers I like to follow and see what is going on in the world.

Lots of words here, I guess I care. I'd advise talking with Logan and remembering what is your why. G
Hey Tammy -

I took on this same challenge just two weeks ago....and have loved it.

Over at, I write a brief few sentences on a thought I am having that day. It takes about 15 minutes to write, edit, post. It has been amazing to share a brief thought without having to craft a long post. It is a launching pad for ideas.

I may not have a ton of traffic, but that is not a big deal and I don't think that is yours either. Its about simply sharing something daily. I think you should do it, but keep it simple. Maybe commit to something meaningful under 140 words or characters on a simple wordpress layout a la my new site or zenhabits.

Anyways...good luck...look forward to it if you do it...

David Damron
Pause & Ponder
The blogs I read which publish daily have posts that sometimes seem to just "go through the motions", phoning it in.

I would rather read quality that quantity.

I don't believe that daily posting should be set in stone, but that's just me. I DO think that it's important to write every day, one way or another -- whether it's shared with the world at large or not.
I applaud those who can write and publish daily. With me, it is either feast or famine, over at But then again, I am also not very disciplined about it. I wish you luck if you do choose to take on this challenge. I have always looked forward to reading your posts.
I find the daily blog posts to email in-boxes overwhelming! I don't find the format cozy or personal or even pleasant or nice. The last place I want to spend time is in my email inbox. I posed the question of blogging daily on my blog and most people came back with negative feedback on the idea of publishing daily to a blog. I tolerate it from one or two bloggers who I like, but it's really pushing my edge.
Tammy I think it would be great to read your letters daily. I'm sure you are aware of this but you have an incredibly unique voice or signature; it's there in every piece that you write and I'm sure that's what your readers enjoy. I know I do. So I think you need not worry too much and just do what you do - your writing speaks with confidence and wisdom even if you don't feel that just before you push the publish button. I also subscribe to Gwen Bell's blog and I actively look forward to that email each day - short or long these snippets of writing are as valuable to me as waking up to a sunny clear day.
If you're going to do it, you need to do it for you, not for your readers. You can't please everyone, so please yourself. You may very well lose some readers but I suspect you will gain more readers and/or strengthen the hold you have the readers that stay. I feel like I read something from Seth Godin that would speak to this and I can't think of it right now...sorry! I guess what I'm saying is that if you want to do this, it's probably because there's something you know you can gain from doing it and you want to gain that something. So do it! You already have Logan's support and aside from your own that's the only support that really matters :)
Tammy, so glad you put this out there. I have been thinking about this as well...also inspired by +Gwen Bell to do inbox publishing as my perspective on blogging has changed. I am "sitting with" all of these comments right now. Lots of enlightening perspectives. Thank you all!
+Rachel Livingston >> A couple things.

1. The content on RK is free. My goal is to publish once a week to the blog. If I do more, awesome, if not I don't beat myself up about it.

2. Please keep in mind, I've been writing a book this year which has taken up a significant amount of time and have been working on other writing projects too.

3. As far as comments go, please read this > It explains why I've closed comments for now.

4. If I decide to take on the experiment of publishing daily, I'll either post the content to the blog or create a newsletter. The reason I'm thinking about doing this is to move past the "blahh" feeling I was talking about earlier. Like I said, this is an idea and I haven't made any firm decisions.

5. Finally, I can't make everyone happy. This isn't about trying to "cater to an ever-smaller segment of my readership," it's about challenging myself as a writer.

+greg watson Great feedback! Thank you. :) Maybe I should interview L for the blog? That would be interesting. Great idea!
I have to chime in here. My daily painting practice is one of the most challenging and rewarding things I do. It's not just about completing something that you've made every day, but also about sending it out into the world. I say do it.
Thank you for the encouragement +Jolie Guillebeau! I love getting your daily paintings and stories delivered to my inbox. :)
Hi Tammy -

Thanks for the response. I certainly respect your goals for RK, your other writing, and your new policy on comments. I've read your blog for a long while and have understood your reasons for the changes you've made. I also want to be clear that I certainly appreciate and respect your additional time spent generating content that costs. That's really important and being able to support yourself with your art is a wonderful thing.

My point is that the more diffuse your free content is (however much of it your choose to produce), the more difficult it is for the new and/or casual reader to follow your work. I'm not advocating for or against publishing daily - I'm advocating for keeping whatever free content you do publish in the same visible place. It doesn't seem like that limits your ability to express yourself or challenge yourself as a writer, but it does make your work more accessible to your readers (even the casual ones).

Anyway - best of luck with whatever you chose to do.

I think it would be GREAT to interview L. In fact I might just use that as a technique with Ahava for our year end review. Cheers G
Hi Tammy! I think finding a way to keep your writing life fresh is key. The feeling of blahh is a clear message that you need to shake things up a bit and bring some innovative, new thing into the mix. New creative challenges are important to avoid stagnation and burnout. I'd say go for it!
Tammy, I want to vouch for the daily discipline. +Gwen Bell made a profound impact on me. I get up at 5:55 am and write 7 days a week for the past 46 consecutive days. I've found it life changing. I'm cheering for you, heard a lot about you, all of it positive! 
This post was soooo awesome for me. I've been struggling with wanting to post more on my blog but haven't done it out of fear of losing readers. It's so funny that I have been a non conformist all of my life and have done really well at most things. Now when it comes to my blog I'm hesitant. I've been involved with some blogger groups and I keep hearing this message about keeping your blog clean, not putting too much stuff on there, stay tight within a niche. Yet, that has never been me and I've always attracted people and ideas because I tend to have a wide range. After reading all of these comments, I have a strong feeling I need to do my thing. Write what I want. Post it. See what happens. Mahalo for all the ideas and thoughts.
Have you thought about a hybrid of 5 days, weekday posts and then take the weekend off?
+David Damron Ahhh thanks David! I'm going to give publishing a try during the month of January. :) However, I need to decide if I want to send out a daily letter via email or post everything to the blog.
This is something I've been considering as well...and as of Jan. 1, I have added a daily page to my blog. However, I am struggling with how I want to use that page, as I don't want it to become the main purpose of my blog, but I know it could easily become my it will be the "ONE" thing I "NEED" to do each day. (You know, because I've set myself up for this as a goal). So I am concerned my main blog might then be neglected...and dwindle into nothingness, and that would be very bad, as I've only just begun writing for that too.

I obviously don't have any answers for you at this time - only some commiseration… (And a submittal of my own request for some help, I guess).

My challenge comes down to two main things that are driving me slightly nuts this weekend:
1. Organization: how?
2. Subject/focus: what?
+Heather Rogers Thompson I don't know if this will help or not. But this is how I've organized my posting schedule. I'm posting to the blog on Monday, Thursday and Friday's. Wednesdays I send out a letter to subscribers. And I've set up a specific email list for folks who want to receive my daily photo and note.

The note I send with the photo doesn't have to be epic. So far each note has been about 250 words. I'm also planning on pairing my photos with quotes that I love too. Does that help?

Good luck! I know you can do it. Just remember, don't let it consume you. It's supposed to be fun! :)
Thank you, Tammy. Yes, it helps. Just knowing someone out there understands this medium better than I do, at present, really makes me feel better. :) [And yes, I want this to be fun, not to feel like "work," because I do have a full time job elsewhere which consumes a lot of my mental energies.]

I think another sub-issue for me is "why" I am doing this.
For now, I am saying I am doing the daily blog for myself, as a sort of journal (albeit, public). However, being a new blogger, I am a little anxious about readers, and I do not want to scare any of my new 'Followers' away because of the lack of perfect order on my site.

I see this whole situation as a lesson in faith - for sure. (And hey, that's a theme on my blog! Non-religious faith, that is.)

Best to you in the New Year! :)
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