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How do you overcome loneliness?
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Be comfortable in your own skin. Meditate. See being alone as bliss, not suffering.
Loneliness is a feeling, so I let the feeling be and do what it does. Sometimes it hangs around for a while, and sometimes not. Trying to push it away or figure it out feeds it.
I'm not sure you can overcome it, but you can be aware. Countless people have been confounded by this for as long as we can remember. The real issue is when you are with friends or a significant other and you still feel lonely or isolated. I think of it as a warning sign. This gives one opportunity to seek out help or make changes. It can also be a sign of depression, so treat it with the appropriate respect it deserves. Just trying to sweep it under the rug, can make it worse. Hope you're not feeling lonely!
Boy is this ever timely for me! As a newly single person, the feeling of loneliness has recently reared its ugly head and has forced me to deal with a lot of things. This past weekend was particularly tough. What got me through it? Doing stuff. Keeping myself occupied. Most importantly, doing things that I ENJOY that I had been putting off for too long. Also, reaching out to loved ones. Something as simple as giving someone a call to just talk reminds you that you are never truly alone.
+Ando Perez : excellent advice!
I think the real trick is to figure out what triggered the loneliness. Often times what we think triggered the loneliness, is not the real cause. I know I often find that I am most lonely when I am with a friends and family. For me taking down time just for me is the only thing that lets me reset and find balance. As +Ando Perez said, meditate or find your equivalent.
I think we all feel lonely at times. For me it is remembering that I am NEVER truly alone. First and foremost I remember that God has told me the "I will never leave you nor forake you.." (Heb. 13:5) After I remember that everything gets better automatically. I then turn to my best friend. My wife of 21 years. She always keeps me grounded and in perspective. After that it is spending time with my kids. After that Ii remember what my real purpose here is and that it's NOT "All about me".
Sorry to hear you're worried about your Mom. I hope everything is ok. Hang in there kiddo!
I agree with Megyn - pets! My cats definitely keep me from being lonely, and there are always people to reach out and touch whether by phone or the internet. And if that fails, I curl up with a good book for awhile - after a short read, I'm not lonely any longer.
I agree with the other posters - pets! Surprisingly, I have found aside from my housecats, my flock of laying hens to be the most uplifting creatures to be around when I am lonely or having any out-of-sorts feeling. They are so animated and always doing the silliest things. Soon after joining them (they free range around the yard) I feel myself start to smile and it's not long before my spirits are lifted. Caring for them and my other animals is another way I work through lonliness and other difficult feelings. Nothing like manual labor or a long walk to reach the heart of my emotions and start processing or discovering what it is I need to do to take care of myself.
I try to think positive and realize that even though I'm lonely I am alive. Simply alive with no illness and no major medical/financial problems, etc... When we find ourselves in a state of loneliness maybe it's the universe telling a it's time to sit and decompress. Re-evaluate and re-energize ourselves!
When my boyfriend move to another City to work there (like 12 hours from our home city), we were separated for almost two years, he was visiting twice a month... so it was hard to get used to it... and I stayed at his house alone... well first I got a dog, and I had a beautiful cat too... pets helps a lot!! best friends ever!!, then I started to understand that I wasn't alone (this is weird) but I understood that I was living with myself!.. so I started to understand myself more, I start speaking to myself, telling me what was right and wrong... is hard to explain (maybe I got crazy).. but maybe you get the idea if you try it... also I read a lot!, books are the 2nd. best friends after pets (hard to tell which is first though).. so after the two years.. me and my boyfriend needed to start over again to learn to live together.. it was a little hard, but we give our spaces when needed... ;)
I absolutely loved the original loneliness post!
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