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Have you ever created a care package? What goodies did you include?

I'm working on something fun for my mom. :)
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Stationary and stamps, hot tea packets, a gift card to a restaurant or coffee shop, funnyfuzzy socks, homemade cookies
You know, I was just talking with someone yesterday about this. I made a care package several years ago for a friend when his mom died. I went and got several kinds of looseleaf tea, a small tea pot, tea cups, organic chocolate, and put it in a wooden box. We had worked together at a coffee shop and I knew some of the tea that we'd both liked so I got some of that (genmaicha) and I also put in some that I had recently discovered that seemed somehow right for grieving and restoration (jasmine).
I suppose it depends on her likes. Every year I send my mom, who moved to Florida, an envelope of fall leaves that I preserve using wax paper and an iron. In the spring I try to send her a couple of dogwood flowers. I also send her books I think she will enjoy, and now that we both have kindles I can gift her books to her kindle. I send her sparkley jewelry to wear with her ballroom dancing outfits, lotions and smells goods, candles, pictures of the weather changing and her grandkids, just little things I find that makes me think of her from day to day. I send her husband teas and little trinkets that remind me of him.
If you know it'll get there in a timely manner, homemade cookies are the best inclusion. I used some bubble wrap to help protect them, although I've heard even broken cookies still taste great. Also, a great drink to accompany them would really add that extra bit of joy to it. Perhaps hot chocolate or some yummy tea? Maybe even a little coffee?
I love making care packages. I sent a few to my friends who served overseas in Iraq (usually with sunscreen, toiletries, cookies, magazines, and news from home). They still talk about how happy they felt getting them, and this was years ago.
the timing on this is perfect! i'm putting together a care package now for a co-worker. thanks for all the tips folks :) and to Tammy for putting forth the question!
The more I look at the photo, the more I think, "How could anyone go wrong sending a cat as part of a care package." Just kidding, of course, but imagine how lovely it would be to be able to package warm purring and have it to open on the other end.
I also send book care packages to my mother. Oddly enough, I just told my students (Occupational Therapy Assistant program) about the book My Stroke of insight - great book!
Since our family is scattered all over the country...I'm always sending "care packages" and I love finding things when I'm out and about to tuck away for the next time I'm putting together a "USPS medium flat rate box" favorite way to ship because you can stuff the heck out of the boxes. This week I sent "snowman kits" for Valentines Day love boxes to my family in Pittsburgh, PA and Boscawen, NH since the groundhog saw it's shadow and they have six more weeks of winter to get through...might as well have fun and make the best of it right?
I'm also participating in February's "Month of Letters" challenge: Not that I need an excuse to write to my extended friends and family...but I just love getting letters in the mail...who doesn't?
I love to upcyle containers so I save oatmeal containers and nut tins, etc. and I paint them with chalkboard paint and stuff homemade baked goods...tons of party mix to make my gift boxes a little more gives me good way to upcycle things ;}
I also enjoy sending books and movies for special occasions and inbetween I pull out articles from my magazines when I'm purging them and tuck them inside notes that I send out...especially to my boys...just to let them know that I'm thinking about them. When you are around your family and friends you tend to "talk about" whatever you are seeing in the news or on your drive to work, etc. But when you are separated you don't have those "opportunities" to just talk about what is peaking your interest. My boys are busy, as most of us they do not always read my blog...SO...I reach out to them by handwriting a note and tucking in something that is of interest to me or to them to keep those "conversations" going.
Hope this helps...thanks for the inspiration and for having this "conversation" on your blog.
Fondly, Roberta
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