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I know that was a big decision to make, and I am really happy for you that you two are agreed on what move is best. Despite the sad circumstances of Mahon's health, it brings joy to my day to read that the tiny house minimalist life you have built facilitates the opportunity for you to live near family and for Logan to rethink his work.
It is a big decision and a hard one, but it will be nice to have you closer. I think you are doing the right thing putting family first. You both are in our thoughts.
How wonderful that you never had to choose between keeping or giving up the home you worked so hard to make a reality. I'm glad you'll be able to be closer to your family and take the tiny home with you.
+Clark Aidan Thank you. It was a hard decision, but the right one. I'm thankful we can tow our tiny house with us. :)
+Kent Griswold I forgot to say . . . Now that we'll be back in CA, you'll have to come up and visit. It would be great to see you in-person and you can tour the tiny house too. :)
+Tammy Strobel I can't imagine how difficult this had to be, but I had a health scare in my family recently and it's made me think much harder about even hypothetical decisions, because as I'm considering different places to relocate to, I have to include what's going on with my family in the equation. I wouldn't want to be looking back and wishing I had spent more time with someone. Hope the trip back won't be too stressful.
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