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I thought I'd share a couple of in-progress photos of a shelf project I'm working on for our new baby's nursery. We're going with a beehive theme so a honeycomb seemed like a logical design move. Instead of going with hardwood, I decided to go with 3/4 Appleply with walnut veneer. The corners (all 60 of them) are mitered and biscuit joined.

There will be a random pattern of seven (as shown, a shelf of two on a different wall, and a single.

I'll post some shots after I get them finished. 
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I finished the oak kitchen table tonight which was made from 17 strips of oak laminated together and steel hairpin legs.  The top was finished with a coat of water based stain, a coat of shellac, and three coats of water based top coat.  It was a pretty straightforward project with the exception of the cauls, which were an unexpected mini-project unto themselves.
Kitchen Table
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I finally got around to the kitchen table top glue up! 17 oak strips, 13 clamps, 4 cauls, and a whole lot of glue. The cawls made the glue up a snap and should minimize the amount of flattening. #Woodworking

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The workbench is finally done. A couple of coats of oil and varnish and the casters were all that remained. Now onto the next project.
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