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Journeys In Grace
A place to dewll in grace and grow in truth.
A place to dewll in grace and grow in truth.

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This grace thing is the way we need to start and end our conversations. Paul's letters, all 12 of them, start and end with grace. Charis, the favor of God, pointing to His peace and love. There is something about grace.

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Rest is soul care. It is the space where he pours grace like a waterfall of hope into our hard and worn out spaces. It is found as we learn to wait upon Him... to wait with God.

And sometimes we need permission to make that step, that it is ok to pause and to slow down and to let go.

Matthew 11 reminds us that we are called to Come to Christ, to Learn His Way, and to Take His Yoke. In exchange He gives us rest, relief, refreshment and ease for our souls.

If you are weary today, friend. Wait with God. Take time to rest in Him. Be encouraged that you will always find Him when you look for Him.


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When you are weary, what comforts you? We can find solace in friends and in activities and accomplishments, but it will never be enough. Isaiah 40 talks about the God of comfort who brings us into rest as He pours Himself over our hearts liberally.

I have a challenge on the link up today. Join me with your words, and in May for the Weary Heart Challenge.

Have you pondered the power of tears? or the gift they are to our soul? When was the last time you noticed the exchange of grace and peace with the deposit of your heart's response in prayer and in your journey?

Frederick Beucher says that we need to pay attention to our tears, because they tell a story of where we came from and summon us to look to where we are going in God.

Join me for the #GraceMoments Link Up as we contemplate the grace in our tears. 

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In the quiet space of grace, the hard waiting is the most refining because we see how the trials shape us and mold us to be an arrow that points the way for others as we learn the art of listening and the heart of the Father.
The #GraceMoments Link up is live... please join me with your words.

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He rescues us, redeems us and restores us for our good and His Glory. I say this all the time. I believe it. These are soul words, truth words. Isaiah 54's message is one everyone woman needs to read and take in deep.

How has He rescued your soul? How has He redeemed you?

Join me as we study Isaiah 54 together.

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Those days when the winds seem to sweep away more than just the dust, when you have to settle low and learn the power behind the word wait. When prayers for your people become the hum of your whisper, there is space for you to lean into His embrace and count grace. The lent life, it is a believing journey, a set apart way, a surrendered space, a holy habit. It is more than purposeful.

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Sometimes a word or a phrase will stop you and make you think about the power of its truth. When I heard a radio pastor mention say this, it stuck with me and I have not quite forgotten it.
Hurt people hurt people; and healed people heal people.

The reality is we have all been hurt... we are the walking wounded, most of us. But those who have Christ, who have been redeemed and restored by grace, we have a super power of extreme proportions.

What we want to hide and forget is really our antidote to hurt and we the healed really can lead others into healing.

Join me at the #GraceMoments Link up today to read more and to share your words.

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What is the brushstroke of grace you have found in your life? Have you looked for it? God is always making a masterpiece out of the messes and the memories that time bends in our days.
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