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Jeri Landers
Artist, author, storyteller, gentlewoman farmer, lover of all creatures great and small, dedicated gardener
Artist, author, storyteller, gentlewoman farmer, lover of all creatures great and small, dedicated gardener


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The Gossips
"Tatum, did you hear about the mysterious and dapper grey squirrel that recently moved into Chippy Cackle's vacated hole in the  Mulberry tree?   " No one knows much about his past, but it has been whispered that he's
been loading hoards and hoards of blac...

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Anatomy of a Needle felted critter....
Everyone needs a skeleton, unless you're a worm. This creatures skeleton is formed with wire and the toes are formed with cloth coated florist wire. Next, the toes are wrapped with wool. I used my Sophia's wool, because it still has a good deal of lanolin i...

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New life in the garden, new baby in the family...
There is a line in a poem that goes something like this,  "You are closer to God in a garden, than anywhere else on earth..." I think many gardeners would have to agree. To observe the growth of a plant up close, from it's humblest and seemingly insignifica...

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Another finished Illustration, a fox an a garden
The 3 hour drive to Berea didn't leave me with idle  hands and I managed to needle - felt a  character familiar to any that live on a farm.   I worked on her in the hotel room as well, and by the time we were home again she had a little companion.   I was t...

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Painting the stories for Trimble Manor
  "Pippity Trimble lives in a stately old, brick and timber Manor, in the center of a vast and lovely garden. Here, the foxglove grows the tallest and the pink tea roses bloom in abundance." So begins the first story of our mouse and her house.   You may re...

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Did you build a Bee Haven yet?
If you haven't yet built a Bee Hotel for your garden or orchard... let me refresh your memory. We built one in 2015 here.. .  and another last year... .  I just made a 10 minute video with much information about the purpose of a Bee hotel. If you have a cha...

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The Doll Show
Well, the consensus is in and it says... AHEM... Doll shows are certainly different.   I didn't know what to expect, and it was an eye opener to see a hoards of women rushing to the section featuring "reborn dolls". No kidding; with strollers and diaper bag...

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Hollyhocks and Beatrix
  Hollyhocks Nothing says "country garden" like the old fashioned Hollyhock. Watching these wonderful plants beginning to bloom in my gardens thrills me to bits! I planted seeds last year and watched the little plants slowly taking hold; they actually staye...

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Creating an ad for a Doll and Teddy Bear show..
I had to learn pretty quickly to put together a full page ad for my first Doll show.  We were informed that our ads for the show were required immediately if our work was to appear in their show catalog.  That was news to me. I had to whip something up pron...

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Merry month of May in the the Frontyard Garden
May truly is the Merry Month!  This is proven to me every time I walk out into the garden, greeted by the newest gathering of wee sprouts, abundant rose blooms and primrose and the unfurling leaves of the Hosta. The expanse of garden here in the front yard,...
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