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#AirmailChristmas 2016
Blogging has been running at a snail pace the last few months. However, I will ALWAYS have time to introduce A Very Airmail Christmas. I have just returned from a holiday cruise around the Caribbean. There were numerous moments where I would stand on my bal...

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Oh anxiety!
When I was driving home today I felt a real urge to blog, a compulsion I have not felt in quite a while. It was not until I opened the laptop that I saw the date. 12/07/2016 It has been three years since I broke down in my Mum's hallway. Three years since I...

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Hello Gang!
Why HELLO there! Life has been super busy lately and to be honest I have not even thought about blogging. I do miss typing out posts and reading other peoples blogs, but time is not on my side at present. I am hoping in September things will calm down a lit...

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Sexual Assault
For years I have learnt about abuse in all kinds of forms. I work in healthcare where one of my main roles is to protect people and care for their welfare. Yet, I have been really lucky to have no-one 'close to home' from me suffer from it (well from what I...

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High Expectations Hodgepodge!
I enjoy flitting in and out of hodgepodge from time to time. It also helps me take a break from essay here goes. If you would like to take part, answer the questions below and link back to your post (not blog) here. 1) What are two or three exp...

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It's see you soon
Last October one of my oldest friends announced that she was moving to Bournemouth. It's a seaside town about two hours away but at the time it felt like her leaving was miles off. I say goodbye this weekend.  I sometimes cannot believe how fleeting time is...

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Happy Valentines everyone!

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Love Day
Valentines Day - the day single people may loathe. Yet, also the day where some people question why they have to spend more money for something they feel and 'do' everyday for their partner. I have never been Valentines biggest fan. I am kind of sat on the ...

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Make Your Own Mask
For Christmas I received a DIY face mask as a secret santa present. I finally had a chance to use it tonight and I found it so fun. The kit came with a bag of clay and porridge oats (oatmeal) which I had to mix together with rose water. This means I can use...

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Why I support the Junior Doctors strikes...
This week junior doctors all over the UK left their prescription pads and joined a picket line. They wanted to assert their views to the government over their poor pay, unfair contracts and 7 day working. I have never been an advocate for strikes. I remembe...
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