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Applying an acetone mist to some black ABS printed parts. I've run into this sort of "frosting" artifact before, seemed to be connected to old or impure acetone. Anyone have thoughts on eliminating this white effect? It appears after acetone dries...

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I was lucky enough to be Beta tester #1 of this ROV platform (Remotely Operated Vehicle - an underwater RC submarine w/ video)- and have been using parts from Rusty and Jonathan from BlueRobotics in all kinds of projects for years now! Couldn't be more excited for the leap forward in affordable marine tech. Getting the footage for the video over the past year with these guys has been an incredible series of experiences!

Smoothieware question: Got an azteeg x5 mini I'm setting up. Firmware and config file on 4gb micro sd, powered from usb - some light flashing happened then all solid green except play. Doesn't show up as a device on 3 different windows machines I tried (com part or otherwise, drivers installed before plugging in.)

Does it only respond when it's happy with all limit switches, thermistors, etc.? Or is something wrong here?

When I check the micro sd card contents, the firmware file extension is being changed to .CUR...

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Thoughts? Did I miss some discussion of this?
More material use than a multi nozzle solution ? Looking forward to checking out whatever they actually open source - as $850 seems steep!

Anyone make bowden clips for the kraken block? A pain to access in most mount designs...

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Well it is finally printing! Only one nozzle of the kraken, and I'm not buttoning up all the top and sides until it is running smooth and calibrated, but wow - 
After tramming and doing e-steps, first 3 test prints have come out amazingly. I've never had prints look this good from the get-go - great machine! I'll post files on pyramid top soon
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In the vein of getting a good build guide document, I think this has some relevance:
(as motivation.)

Anyone could find  what they need to enter this contest in our community right now....

So what's the best source for our bed leveling springs?

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corrupted solidworks model - anyone have suggestions to repair? 
-Weird wire-frame transparent affects that move with rotation
-no preview of model in ctrl-tab
-entire model disappears if rotating view (seemingly randomly) Trying to use the fit to view command does not bring the model back. Have restored older versions of assembly with no change.
-turning off real-view graphics does not change effect

On SW2015 x64

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So can I use a UV led and and order of makejuice to effect similar results as the people at claim? Anyone played with bonding abs or polycarbonate parts with UV resin? 
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