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New Jersey's Famous Turnpike Witch, available for sale on  Here's the blurb:

Simultaneous breakdowns (automotive and nervous) first landed Alice on the Jersey Turnpike, and a crippling panic disorder stuck her there. Stranded, broken, and living alone on the toll road, Alice took a turn for the theatrical. Her public gestures of snarky catharsis — mock-hangings from overpasses, “Operation Cheese Doodle” — won her critical acclaim and a cult following. Adoring fans swarmed to New Jersey, hoping to catch a glimpse of their Turnpike Witch, America’s first and foremost masked criminal performance artist in traffic.

Now everybody wants a piece of the Witch. Fans and online critics are hammering her with expectations. Alice’s support staff of Engineers wants her to double down on more, bigger, and riskier productions. Even the chief state official charged with capturing the Witch is back-channeling her words of encouragement — the Turnpike Witch is New Jersey’s biggest tourist attraction, after all. And if these pressures weren’t enough, rival interests look to muscle the Witch off her stage: gangs are fighting turf wars on the northern part of the toll road, a rabid civil servant’s vicious PR campaign is calling for the Witch’s head, and now a troop of Manhattan investors want to capitalize on the new “Turnpike chic” by turning Service Areas into nightclubs. And yet even as the Turnpike Witch is drawn into public battle with these adversaries, Alice continues to work through her own private crises of identity, alienation, and entrapment. 

Fair to say, then, that life on this Road to Nowhere takes its toll.
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