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Krista -- thanks for the review!  Every little bit helps.  I just wanted to add the note (if it will help later readers) that from chapter to chapter the book toggles between two storylines: odds set in the past and written in the past tense and evens in the present tense.  So Chapter 1 is in the present, Chapter 2 in the past, Chapter 3 picks up where Chapter 1 leaves off, and Chapter 4 picks up from Chapter 2, etc.  And my object was to have the two parallel tracks "speak" to each other as you read along and move between them.

I've found in reviews that readers did not pick up on the intended rhythm of present-tense chapter, past-tense chapter, present-tense chapter, past-tense chapter.  I've thought about renumbering the chapters chronologically, so that current Chapter 1 would be Chapter 14, current Chapter 2 would be Chapter 1.  But I worry that only confuses things more.

But again -- I love that folks out there are taking the time to read this book, and still more, to write what they think about it.  THANK YOU!
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