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I partnered up with Pampers and Walmart to make a promise to my family. The promise I'm making is to always make fun memories with my family and record every special moment by taking lots of pictures and writing about it! Nowadays, everything is digital, in...

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Piercing Baby's Ears
I have gotten a lot of questions about piercing Emma's ears ever since people started noticing her earrings in her pictures, so I figured I would write about my experience and share it with y'all! I also figured I would write a little guide for things to co...

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Yup! I Co-Sleep!
So this is something that I've been wanting to write about for a little while, because apparently co-sleeping is frowned upon, and I don't understand why people can't also look at the benefits instead of just judging! First of all, parents can do whatever t...

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Emma - 5 Months
Sweet Girl! This month has been my favorite so far! You have grown/matured so much, I can't believe you're only turning 5 months. You have become extra silly, you laugh and smile so much, it melts my heart. You found your feet and now every time Mommy is ch...

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10 "Silly" Baby Products That Are Actually Awesome!
So I'm going to start this post out by saying that nobody NEEDS any of the items in this list. But, I put it together because I actually got these products and I do find them useful! I always have to hear it from older moms saying "I didn't have any of this...

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3 Months & 4 Months Favorites
To continue my "Favorites" posts, I combined months 3 and 4. You can check out my Newborn Favorites here and my 1 & 2 Month Favorites here ! Bright Starts Sweet Song Birds Baby's Play Place Activity Gym - This mat is so cute and colorful! I put it on my bab...

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Pampered Mommy Box
As moms, we tend to devote most of our time to our kids, and lets face it.. Our Husbands! But it's important to remember to take some time for yourself! Pampered Mommy Box delivers awesome bath and beauty items, and perfect cute gifts every month to help us...

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Emma - 4 Months
My Squishy! I can't believe how much I love every month more than the last. Even though I cried the other day watching teeny tiny baby videos of you with you, I love that each month you are learning so many more things, and getting so smart and sillier. You...

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Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad
Let me tell you about this extremely cool gadget I got, it's called The Hatch Baby . What is  The Hatch Baby  you ask? Well, it's the coolest, most awesome changing pad there is! Here are all the things you can do with your Hatch Baby: You can track baby's ...

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Chibebe Snuggle Pod
I wanted to share with you a super cute bean bag that Emma got. It's called The Chibebe Snuggle Pod ! When I received my  Chibebe Snuggle Pod  I was so impressed with the packaging! It comes nicely folded in a snap bag with the following items: 1 Chibebe Ba...
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