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Now, this IS a good guy with a gun.

Notice no one died. Eagle spent days stuck. Recovery will be work.

And, this was no lone wolf, he got clearance, he was observed... and it wasn't a magic bullet, or perfect shot.

What a man, what a community to take the risk... an excellent topper to MY sense of holiday.

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Will they be participants in the turn-arround, or suck every last molecule of fossil fuel they can reach, regardless of the cost?

We are finding solutions- KIDS are building solutions... but they are NOT fREE- (what is?) and, implementation takes time... but LOOK at all those potential American jobs- construction, transport, raw materials, installataion....
Oh- and, seriously- one of the best ways, easiest ways, OLD ways... plant. Plant fruit trees, nut trees, and -wipe out the food deserts we created for Big Ag.
Ok- years to maturity. but- Our FOUNDERS could walk around in a woods, and eat. Not a steak, but there were fish 'a jumpin in clean streams, and lush vegetation all around...

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Trash talk all ya want- the results are clear, and, for pity's sake, MEASURABLE.

Is there anyone remotely interested in action that would make any change???
Well- giving the black guy a win would bruise their heart- but whatt of the actual people that voted for 'em. I know the fat cats put 'em in office - but crumbs from the table, boys... infuse the bottom first, and- well, the 50's that you loved so much used it.
Of course, they also had, like a $5 green card- HAH- not undocumented, no 'wet backs'. Just labor forces you could count on.

Oh- the treating them like slaves of old won't work, anymore... cell phone cameras!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Obama phone? I don't think so!

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One equation could could help resolve paradoxes swirling around those most befuddling of cosmic objects, black holes, and perhaps provide a route to a unified theory of physics.

Click here for an extract - subscribers can read the whole article.

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I had a good night, and a good morning- a first shower since shoulder replacement... and standing, able to wash my own hair--- the song from "Oliver!" --- food, glorious food, translated to 'shower, glorious shower...'

anyway, New information about this 'separation' of the races is fascinating. It, of course will need further testing, but think of it...
We have built a whole perception of purity on eating grains?

We are funny.
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