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+CathiBea Stevenson Nine Princes in Amber gets my vote.
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"We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it and that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire."
Your source is for war not suppression of violence with less human lives lost by being strategic and methodical as oppose to willy nilly and stupid. GWBush and Co lied us into a war. Republicans are lying to get us to go to Iran for an Iraq part two.
Won't happen because war is useless unless under threat which we are not.
I am a deontological pacifist and I believe our country was meant to respect the terms of deontological pacifism.
Drones pacify wars and terror plots from breaking out.
You can't stop the technology once it's available dude. The military uses drones as a best practice for protection. Who do you think our troops who are directing those drones? Hopefully high integrity US soldiers. I would hope - better than their bodies being in a wartime with missiles and other artillery - your paranoia is palpable, but it's from listening to pandering dishonest factless boobs is why.
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In case you still don't understand yet what white privilege really is, and really means, read below and think about what you do when you hop in the car.

Each time I get in my car, I make sure I have my license, registration and insurance cards. I make sure my seatbelt is fastened. I place my cellphone in the handless dock. I check and double check and triple check these details because when (not if) I get pulled over, I want there to be no doubt I am following the letter of the law. I do this knowing it doesn’t really matter if I am following the letter of the law or not. Law enforcement officers see only the color of my skin, and in the color of my skin they see criminality, deviance, a lack of humanity. There is nothing I can do to protect myself, but I am comforted by the illusion of safety.

As to the depth and breadth of the problem, and the fault for it--it lies heavily upon the whole nation.

Because Sandra Bland was driving while black, because she was not subservient in the manner this trooper preferred, a routine traffic stop became a death sentence. Even if Ms. Bland did commit suicide, there is an entire system of injustice whose fingerprints left bruises on her throat.
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