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Hey, that's my desk :)
Global Impact Awardee +charity: water's process of building a remote monitoring sensor begins with some at-home analysis. Sometimes, it’s as simple as attaching a sensor to a water point at a developer’s desk or affixing it to a sink at their office! In addition to measuring hourly volume, these tests will provide valuable information in regard to data capture & transmission, power usage, sensor resolution, & accuracy. #globalimpactawards  
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Non-programmers: What do you know about software patents? What's your take on this?
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Why don't we use Google+ to discuss Google+ ?

I feel like it has to kill (or at least maim) either Facebook or Twitter to be sucessful. I don't have room in my brain for all three, especially after the shiny new rubs off Google+.

Besides the network effect (whereby I'm pretty much guaranteed to be able to reach everyone on Facebook at this point), Google+ is still missing some key features. Events comes to mind -- Facebook events run my life on some weeks.

What do you (and the rest of you) think?
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