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A nibble from the Dragon Magazine

In his Dragon Magazine #39 article (*), Douglas P. Bachmann makes some statements I can agree with, although I'm concerned with knowledge, not just action (moral):

«The art of Fantasy is not concerned with real-life evil, or science, or quickies or getting high. It is concerned with the profound mystery behind and within life, nature and the human soul. 
(. . .)
I do believe that as we struggle to discover the reality of Faerie and the proper forms of Fantasy, as we design game mechanics which are true to those realities, we will discover our souls.»

It goes without saying that some years have passed since the release of this Dragon Magazine issue (also featuring the Anti-Paladin), but there could have been at least hope for Douglas of arriving to some solid understanding, since he acknowledged a sort of objectivity to "Fantasy", and that even despite the misleading influence of mainstream psychologistic authors like J. G. Frazer, C. G. Jung, J. Campbell . . . (related G+ posts: Modern Anthropology,; Primitive Mentality,, between others.)

(*) The problem of morality in fantasy, 1980.

#DnD   #RPG   #Fantasy   #Myth   #Metaphysics

Axel Castilla

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To my mind it's a good movie made with a low budget.

Para mí es una buena película hecha con un presupuesto bajo.
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(Note: This movie is part of the Dungeons & Dragons Movie Series. For more movies, see the entries for the 2000 movie and its 2005 sequel). I had no idea this was in the works, so I was pleasantly surprised when SyFy decid...
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Axel Castilla

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My comment at this blog entry:

This is a good post! However, is it really needed? I mean, in a Dungeons & Dragons context this would be utterly redundant.

If for some reason this encouragement for going "Beyond the Hack n' Slash" is needed, I still wonder why Dungeon Fantasy should be narrower in scope than Dungeons & Dragons (for putting a supposedly known example).

#rpg #fantasy #dnd #dungeonfantasy
+Alex Raymond talks about Dungeon Fantasy into today's blog post.

Interested in helping me flog the blog (i.e., writing a guest post)? Give me a shout out and I'll set something up. Continued thanks to all of those who've done their flogging. I still have room for a one or two more folks.

We're about half way through the Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter and 10% away from funding. Go and help us do this thing proper-like.
Guest Post by +Alex Raymond Dungeon Fantasy is, for many, a synonym for RPGs altogether. The whole concept of a skilled party that ...
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A further comment that I'm placing here too:

«Hi Cristopher: I don't mean a change in the line. By the way, the sourcebooks already made are full of possibilities, including and at the same time surpassing the sphere of hack and slash . . . But seemingly there isn't a desire to acknowledge it.

All I'm saying is that the design you're mentioning is, well, the same than the one of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for instance, and in this latter, the encouragement of this entry toward roleplaying would have been completely redundant. Why the difference, then?

When you have a roleplaying game with templates for Knights, then there are castles as well, and it implies princesses and thrones along with the chance of rescuing them and gaining lands as well. The same goes with other templates and concepts. It's only natural, while instead imposing an "only dungeons" scope is meaningless and artificial. Most fantasy concepts that Dungeon Fantasy includes aren't really ownership of any designer and speak for themselves about a broad world of meanings, which can't be really avoided.

Hi Alex: yes, I agree and understand the intention, while my own isn't really to criticise your article here. What I'm pointing is: what makes necessary this kind of obvious advice? Why nowadays some people is so reductionistic and shortsighted when it comes to "Dungeon Fantasy roleplaying games"?

The entry by Travis Ellis you're linking in your answer seems to be an example of it. While there isn't anything wrong with playing in the way mentioned there (if one really likes it), it should be obvious that the scope and potential is much greater than that. What would be the point in denying it? (*) And it being obvious, it shouldn't need to be stated. However again I'd say that I understand that here you're reacting against this specific trend which imposes silliness and narrowness into the genre.

(*) There is more in this than just conveying the idea of "ease of access" to GURPS games along with a lack of exigencies due to its reputation as a sophisticated and complex rule system. Indeed this can be made just adjusting dials for the specific goal, without disabling any potential.»
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Axel Castilla

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Dungeon Fantasy Designer’s Notes 3

Some excerpts:

«To attempt a task, make a success roll: throw 3d6 and try to roll lower than the score governing the activity.»

«There’s a lot of streamlining, including simplified Fright Checks (rolls to avoid freaking out when facing unspeakable horrors) and using plain-English descriptions to assess modifiers. In addition, several Dungeon Fantasy­-series concepts are core rules here.»

«The rules come from GURPS, meaning combat is mapped and turn-based, and accords players great freedom to maneuver, target body parts, defend, and so on. But the system focuses on fantasy conflicts involving monsters and magic while omitting irrelevancies like firearms. A few subsystems GURPS fans don’t like — (cough) slams (cough) — have been cleaned up, too.»

The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game kickstarter is now 95% funded, with still 14 days to go:

The cover below is the work in progress for the Exploits book contained in the boxed set.
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Axel Castilla

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What Do We Find in the Chest?
One of the few posts actually submitted by a publisher
Disclosure - Earlier in the week, Hunter Shelburne, Community Manager over at Steve Jackson Games, inquired if SJG could submit an article to The Tavern regarding The Dungeon Fantasy RPG (powered by GURPS). I said "send it ov...
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Axel Castilla

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Comparto esta propuesta de jornadas de rol online.
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ACERCA DE LA FG-CON 9 (Octubre de 2016)

A petición de +Ian Ward hago este hilo para buscar voluntarios para Organizar la presencia de esta Comunidad en las FG Con 9 que se celebrará los días: Viernes 14, Sábado 15, Domingo 16 (Puede que se extienda a más días a la semana.)

La FG Con, es una convención hecha por los Usuarios Fantasy Grounds donde la comunidad celebra una gran fiesta de eventos, que son partidas públicas, generando una gran oferta de partidas a las cuál poder asistir.

El evento toma lugar en TeamSpeak de la convención:
Password: Dungeoneers

Datos Importantes:

Durante lo que dure la FG Con 9. Todas las licencias serán upgradeadas temporalmente a la Licencia Ultimate. Esto permitirá jugar y generar partidas a todo el mundo. [GRATIS HASTA QUE DURE LA CONVENCION]

Lunes 22 Agosto: Se abre el registro de partidas.
Viernes 16 Septiempre: Se abre el registro de jugadores.
Viernes 7 Octubre: Último día para el registro de partidas.
Miércoles 12 Octubre: Cierre para el registro de jugadores.
Viernes 14 Octubre: Comienza la FG Con 9
Domingo 16 Octubre: Finaliza la FG Con 9
A día de hoy, ha habido muy poca oferta en cuanto a partida en la lengua Castellana, por eso quizás entre todos nosotros podamos cambiarlo y generar algunas partidas para entonces.

Para ello creo que es necesario de entre nosotros:

- 1 Portavoz de la Comunidad para este evento en concreto, que no tenga mucho problema con el Inglés para hablar con Trenloe y otros Organizadores para generar visibilidad, tanto por Foro como por el Canal de Teamspeak. Si nadie se presta voluntario por defecto me encargaría yo.

- Masters dispuestos a generar partidas One-Shot e ir publicando en eventos colocando el tag [G+ FG Spain] al final del título de la partida.

¿Qué os parece?

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Online Convention
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Axel Castilla

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Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game
Powered by GURPS (English—Spanish post)

If you want to see more development and GURPS releases around, beyond of "out-of-print", "only-PDF" status, consider backing this project.

By the way, shipping costs have been adjusted and even cut in half for some countries, and there are further reductions because achieved stretch goals.

Only three days left for making the most of this project.

Si queréis ver más desarrollos y publicaciones GURPS más allá del estatus "agotado" o "solo en PDF", considerad apoyar este proyecto.

Dicho sea de paso, se redujeron los gastos de envío a la mitad para varios países, incluyendo España, y a eso se le unen más reducciones por alcanzar metas ampliadas.

Solo quedan tres días para aprovechar este proyecto al máximo.

#rpg   #fantasy   #gurps   #kickstarter  
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Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
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Axel Castilla

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Duo sunt in homine

It makes sense in the measure "the enemy is within" ;-)

Tiene sentido en la medida que "el enemigo está dentro" ;-)

#rpg   #ancientworld   #villains   #ego
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El castillo tenebroso, como lo es el de Strahd, también remite a la oculta caverna del corazón, donde está el meollo que hay que desanudar sometiéndolo a desenlace.
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Axel Castilla

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This looks to me like a good review.

#rpg   #middleearth   #dungeonsanddragons
Adventures in Middle Earth, a review
I bought Adventures in Middle Earth, the D&D 5th edition sourcebook for Tolkien's Middle Earth produced by Cubicle 7. Cublicle early published The One Ring RPG after securing the Middle Earth license. I have PDFs of the first two books of The One Ring. It O...
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Gracia buena revisión 
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Axel Castilla

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Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game and Dungeons & Dragons:
A matter of rules

A question by the user Tom H. at the GURPS forum:

«What do you see as the strengths of the new Dungeon Fantasy powered by GURPS over Dungeons & Dragons.»

«In other words, what reasons could we give a D&D player to play Dungeon Fantasy in addition to or instead of D&D?»

This is answered by +Sean Punch at the link below, ending at: «I think you could sum this up as "more player agency."»

#rpg   #fantasy   #systems   #rules   #dnd   #gurps
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Axel Castilla

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Siguiendo en el tiempo a esta mítica ilustración de David Sutherland.

#rol #fantasía #catábasis
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Inauguramos en el blog esta nueva serie de entradas cortas sobre curiosidades y temas poco conocidos de la historia de Dungeons and Dragons y las repercusiones que tuvo y tiene en otros ámbitos. Abro fuego con esta ilustració...
Hernán Ruiz Camauër's profile photo
Always loved this pic.
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Axel Castilla

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Me ha parecido un tanto interesante.

#culturas   #mundoantiguo
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CULTURA Y TRADICIONES. Iberia legendaria (19). Sobremesa (del rey Salomón). Por Jeneze Riquer. El pasado 24 de febrero, llamativamente el día en que el santoral cristiano celebra la memoria de Moisés, profeta de las tres religiones del Libro, veían la luz en este medio unas pocas líneas en torno ...
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