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Ancient, Timeless Myth & Wisdom — Fantasy Role-Playing
Ancient, Timeless Myth & Wisdom — Fantasy Role-Playing

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A nibble from the Dragon Magazine

In his Dragon Magazine #39 article (*), Douglas P. Bachmann makes some statements I can agree with, although I'm concerned with knowledge, not just action (moral):

«The art of Fantasy is not concerned with real-life evil, or science, or quickies or getting high. It is concerned with the profound mystery behind and within life, nature and the human soul. 
(. . .)
I do believe that as we struggle to discover the reality of Faerie and the proper forms of Fantasy, as we design game mechanics which are true to those realities, we will discover our souls.»

It goes without saying that some years have passed since the release of this Dragon Magazine issue (also featuring the Anti-Paladin), but there could have been at least hope for Douglas of arriving to some solid understanding, since he acknowledged a sort of objectivity to "Fantasy", and that even despite the misleading influence of mainstream psychologistic authors like J. G. Frazer, C. G. Jung, J. Campbell . . . (related G+ posts: Modern Anthropology,; Primitive Mentality,, between others.)

(*) The problem of morality in fantasy, 1980.

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«If someone pretends that it is possible to contemplate the divine Beauty without having been educated by the divine Rigor, reject him, because he is an antichrist (dajjâl)...»

Abûl-Muwâhid at-Tûnsî

Quoted from "Shaykh Al-'Arabî Ad-Darqâwî - Letters from a Sufi Master".

«Si alguien pretende que es posible contemplar la Belleza divina sin haber sido educado por el Rigor divino, recházalo, porque es un anticristo (dajjâl)...»

Abûl-Muwâhid at-Tûnsî

Citado de "Shaykh Al-'Arabî Ad-Darqâwî - Cartas de un maestro sufí".
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Here's my MeWe profile due to the announced Google+ shutdown.
I hope to see you there.

Éste es mi perfil MeWe por el cierre anunciado de Google+. Espero veros por ahí.

#google+ #shutdown

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This post is now bilingual.

Este post ahora es bilingüe.

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Swords are hard objects!
¡Las espadas son duros objetos!

Apart from Exanima demos, this is the first time I see a video game implementing swords as objects other weapons unintendedly can collision with, effectively increasing your defenses, even if you're not expressly holding the "Parry button".

A nice achievement of +Warhorse Studios I'm going to need to check this release if it fits in my machine.

By the way, this manner of increasing defenses of a figther reminds to me the concept of GURPS Third Edition of "Passive Defense", carried over to Fourth Edition as "Defense Bonus", only for shields.

Demos de Exanima aparte, la primera vez que veo un videojuego implementando las espadas como objetos con los que otras armas pueden colisionar involuntariamente, aumentando tus defensas, ¡incluso si no pulsas expresamente el "botón de Parar"!

Un buen logro de +Warhorse Studios Voy a tener que probar este título si le cabe a mi máquina.

De paso, esta forma de aumentar las defensas de un combatiente me recuerda el concepto GURPS tercera edición de "Defensa Pasiva", llevado a cuarta como "Defense Bonus", solo para escudos.

+Sean Punch +Peter V. Dell'Orto +Douglas Cole +Christopher R. Rice +Antoni Ten Monrós +Steve Jackson Games +Mark Langsdorf +Brian Ronnle

#swords #middleages #roleplayinggames #espadas #edadmedia #juegosderol

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This looks fine and illustrations provide a good medieval feel. I wonder if anyone will traslate it into English!

Found via +Capitán Mordigan
Le lundi, c'est gratuit !
Princes et Vagabonds, c'est un petit exercice de style pour s'amuser - assembler quelques briques du lego OSR, tenter des petites choses dans l'écriture et le graphisme, bidouiller de la maquette pour voir et se réchauffer la main avant d'attaquer les illustrations d'un gros projet.
C'est là :

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The End of Quantum Reality - Trailer

Apparently, someone is finally working for making at least part of these perspectives more accessable. Although given the course of things since time ago, I don't think the scientific establishment is going to change.

Transcription of what the video says:

«We all knew it was coming. Every pillar was wobbling at once: political, financial, religious, military and of course scientific. "We are approaching a very singular moment in history that doesn't happen often". Looking back, it is as if we were hypnotized. And we were. "No one understands quantum theory". In 1985 in a book entitled Quantum Reality a physicist of the name Nick Herbert revealed a startling fact, "one of the best-kept secret of science", he writes, "is that physicists have lost their grip to reality". Unbeknownst to the general public, there has been for the past century an ongoing quest among top-ranking physicists to determine what precisely the finding of quantum theory entail regarding the nature of the physical universe. A multitude of competing theories have been advanced which strike the uninitiated as ranging from the more or less weird to the patently absurd. The classic notion that the universe is made of atomic particles, which goes back all the way to Democritus, has proved to be untenable which is to say physicists really had lost their grip on reality. For 40 years Wolfgang Smith has examined the quantum paradoxes which have reduced physics to speculations concerning multiverses which can never even in principle be observed or experimented upon; he has resolved them and this resolution changes everything. "It's not just in physics, it's in everything; everything is conspiring to what the physicists would call a singularity, where things just break down and they can't go on the way they have been going on". Wolfgang Smith's resolution at the Quantum Enigma provides the key by which we return at last from infinite expanding multiverses from quantum fluctuations about which science can never tell us a single true thing. We return at last to the real world.»

#science #quantum #physics #paradox #paradigm #atomism

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El fin de la realidad cuántica - trailer

Parece que finalmente hay movimiento para hacer más accesibles estas perspectivas, al menos parte. Aunque dado el rumbo de las cosas desde ya hace tiempo, no creo se vaya a modificar el establecimiento científico.

Traducción de lo que dice el video:

«Lo veíamos venir. Todos los pilares se tambaleaban a la vez: el financiero, religioso, militar y por supuesto, el científico. "Nos estamos acercando a un momento muy singular en la historia que no sucede a menudo". Mirando hacia atrás, es como si hubiéramos estado hipnotizados. Y lo estábamos. "Nadie entiende la teoría cuántica". En 1985, en un libro titulado Realidad cuántica, un físico llamado Nick Herbert reveló un hecho sorprendente: "uno de los mejor guardados secretos de la ciencia", escribe, "es que los físicos han perdido la noción de la realidad". Desconocido para el público en general, el pasado siglo fue una búsqueda aun en marcha entre los mejores físicos para determinar qué implicaba el hallazgo de la teoría cuántica con respecto a la naturaleza del universo físico. Se apresuraron múltiples teorías compitiendo entre si sorprendiendo a los no iniciados, desde la más o menos extraña hasta la más patentemente absurda. La noción clásica de que el universo se compone de partículas atómicas, remontándose hasta Demócrito, se ha demostrado insostenible, lo que quiere decir que los físicos realmente perdieron la noción de la realidad. Durante 40 años, Wolfgang Smith ha examinado las paradojas cuánticas que han reducido la física a especulaciones sobre multiversos que no pueden ni siquiera en principio ser observadas ni experimentadas; las resolvió y tal solución cambia todo. "No se trata solo de la física, está en todo; todo conspira para lo que los físicos llamarían una singularidad, donde las cosas simplemente se descomponen y ya no pueden continuar como lo hacían". La solución de Wolfgang Smith en Quantum Enigma proporciona la clave por la que finalmente regresamos de infinitos multiversos en expansión partiendo de fluctuaciones cuánticas sobre las que la ciencia nunca puede decirnos una sola cosa verdadera. Volvemos por fin al mundo real.»

#ciencia #física #cuántica #paradoja #paradigma #atomismo

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Some days ago I received Hall of Judgment, the result of the KS project of the same name by +Douglas Cole: a third party 132-page mini setting, adventure book for +Steve Jackson Games's Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, with a foreword by it's designer, +Sean Punch.

It's a very nice book with an immersive layout, art, setting and a polished, thrilling adventure. Not to mention extras like the grappling and wilderness rules along with the pregens and the bestiary.

Kudos for this very well rounded release!

#HallofJudgment #DungeonFantasyRPG #PoweredbyGURPS
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Nice DIY assets for GURPS Reign of Steel.

Related: Reign of Steel: Will to Live (

#scifi #tech #terminator #gurps #diy
Genet Models Paper miniatures. ready for a GURPS Reign of Steel campaign.
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