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Ancient, Timeless Myth & Wisdom — Fantasy Role-Playing
Ancient, Timeless Myth & Wisdom — Fantasy Role-Playing

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A nibble from the Dragon Magazine

In his Dragon Magazine #39 article (*), Douglas P. Bachmann makes some statements I can agree with, although I'm concerned with knowledge, not just action (moral):

«The art of Fantasy is not concerned with real-life evil, or science, or quickies or getting high. It is concerned with the profound mystery behind and within life, nature and the human soul. 
(. . .)
I do believe that as we struggle to discover the reality of Faerie and the proper forms of Fantasy, as we design game mechanics which are true to those realities, we will discover our souls.»

It goes without saying that some years have passed since the release of this Dragon Magazine issue (also featuring the Anti-Paladin), but there could have been at least hope for Douglas of arriving to some solid understanding, since he acknowledged a sort of objectivity to "Fantasy", and that even despite the misleading influence of mainstream psychologistic authors like J. G. Frazer, C. G. Jung, J. Campbell . . . (related G+ posts: Modern Anthropology,; Primitive Mentality,, between others.)

(*) The problem of morality in fantasy, 1980.

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Nice DIY assets for GURPS Reign of Steel.

Related: Reign of Steel: Will to Live (

#scifi #tech #terminator #gurps #diy
Genet Models Paper miniatures. ready for a GURPS Reign of Steel campaign.

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Archetypal Rendering
Renderizado arquetípico

I find very interesting the potentiation factor a fascinating object acquires in human consciousness, like a fantasy sword isolated from the surrounding mundane background —like the empty background of the 3D viewer interface below. In this way, the isolated object can acquire a sort of "archetypical" dimension, but of course it also depends on the one perceiving it.

Some display modes in the traditional corporeal order also can pursue and achieve this effect. But in the 3D context, I think there can be something more.

By the way, advertising abuses of such an effect by directing the resulting fascination into a mere increase of market sales.

Now, this potentiation factor can be diminished with the insertion and contextualization of that very object into an ordinary visual context by means of "Augmented Reality Based on Superposition". But I'll keep pondering about it.

Me parece de interés el factor de potenciación que un objeto fascinante adquiere en la conciencia humana, como una espada de fantasía aislada del trasfondo mundano envolvente —como el fondo vacío de interfaz del visor 3D abajo. De esta forma, el objeto aislado puede adquirir una especie de dimensión "arquetípica", pero no hace falta decir que también depende de quien lo perciba.

Algunas formas de muestra en el orden corpóreo tradicional pueden lograr también este efecto. Pero en el contexto 3D, creo que puede haber algo más.

Dicho sea de paso, la publicidad abusa del efecto dirigiendo la fascinación resultante en meros incrementos de ventas.

Ahora bien, este factor de potenciación puede disminuir con la inserción y contextualización del mismo objeto en un contexto visual ordinario por medio de "realidad aumentada basada en superposición". Pero seguiré dándole vueltas.

#3D #art #sword #archetype #numinous #fascinans #augmented

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I believe most of the "realism" value here translates into the greater interactivity within the game, making player's choices matter.

#rpg #fantasy #gurps
Why GURPS 3' is more realistic than D&D 5'. These are the main hallways in the walls of Beaumaris Castle, it was never finished but would have been the most advanced fortification of its time (1284) with over 300 arrow slits. The Hallways were about 3' wide. Tight squeeze to be sure and only thrusting manoeuvres would allowed. Barley enough room for archers to fire from.

I do this constantly to my group making many corridors only 3' wide. Forcing them to give up on slashing weapons and even going so far as to make custom "Tower Shields" that are 2' 6" wide with a notch for spears or pole arms to be used with them.
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So here it is, as promised few months ago: The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, open to third-party releases. Or at the very least, exploring the possibility.

And this one in particular, Hall of Judgment, I'm sure it's nice.

#rpg #fantasy #gurps

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The Numinous
Lo numinoso

«Das Schaudern ist der Menschheit bestes Teil.
Wie auch die Welt ihm das Gefühl verteuere,
Ergirffen fühlt er tief das Ungeheuere.»

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, quotiert in Rudolf Otto: Das Heilige.

«Awe is the best of man:
howe'er the world's Misprizing of the feeling would prevent us,
Deeply we feel, once gripped, the weird Portentous.»

Goethe, quoted in Rudolf Otto: The Idea of the Holy.

«El estremecimiento es lo mejor de la humanidad.
Por mucho que el mundo le quiere extrañar el sentimiento,
Siente en su más profundo lo tremendo.»

Goethe, citado en Rudolf Otto: La idea de lo santo.

#fantasy #ontology #symbol #numinous

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«In this introduction video, I explain some useful features for non tactical role playing games, inside Fantasy Grounds.

Traditionally, Fantasy Grounds had been considered an excellent tool for games like D&D, Pathfinder or Savage Worlds, due to the amounts of cool funcionalities and automatisms. For the same reason, some people haven´t explored all its possibilities for storytelling games.

I present some of the features that had improved my games, changing my online experience as storyteller forever.»

Via +Dan Alfaro

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More support for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game

With the recently released Caverntown by +Sean Punch, I'm glad to see continued support for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game and the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy sub-line.

Not just this, but also Pyramid #3/113: Dungeon Fantasies, from the past March, along with the announcement of the adventure Hall of Judgment by +Douglas Cole for this August (

#rpg #fantasy #gurps
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