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Axel Castilla
Ancient, Timeless Myth & Wisdom — Fantasy Role-Playing
Ancient, Timeless Myth & Wisdom — Fantasy Role-Playing
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A nibble from the Dragon Magazine

In his Dragon Magazine #39 article (*), Douglas P. Bachmann makes some statements I can agree with, although I'm concerned with knowledge, not just action (moral):

«The art of Fantasy is not concerned with real-life evil, or science, or quickies or getting high. It is concerned with the profound mystery behind and within life, nature and the human soul. 
(. . .)
I do believe that as we struggle to discover the reality of Faerie and the proper forms of Fantasy, as we design game mechanics which are true to those realities, we will discover our souls.»

It goes without saying that some years have passed since the release of this Dragon Magazine issue (also featuring the Anti-Paladin), but there could have been at least hope for Douglas of arriving to some solid understanding, since he acknowledged a sort of objectivity to "Fantasy", and that even despite the misleading influence of mainstream psychologistic authors like J. G. Frazer, C. G. Jung, J. Campbell . . . (related G+ posts: Modern Anthropology,; Primitive Mentality,, between others.)

(*) The problem of morality in fantasy, 1980.

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These are some cool miniatures.

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I just found this via +Jose Babio. In his own words (translated here into English):

"Small preview of [2D] functionality for images in FGU. And some questions and answers, with some of it being a bit disturbing".

"Pequeña preview de la funcionalidad de las imágenes [2D] en FGU. Y algunas preguntas y respuestas, con alguna un poco perturbadora."
We have something exciting to show you! This is still a work-in-progress, but it shows some of the new features in the upcoming Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU).

Any time we mention FGU we get a slew of questions. To head some of those off, I'll put a list below of the most common questions. In the meantime, enjoy this preview.

FGU Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is FGU going to be available to buy or beta test?
A: We don't have an ETA yet and we won't even guess until we think we are no more than 3 months out from a very functional beta.

Q: How much will this cost and will I have to rebuy everything?
A: You won't have to rebuy any content. You will be asked to buy an upgrade for your main license if you have a 1-time license, but we will have several options to choose from to significantly discount the price based on the age of your license. The newer your license of FG, the less you'll pay for an upgrade.

Q: Will it be compatible with the current version of FG?
A: All content we have available now will work with FGU, but may require that content to go through a 1-way conversion in order to use it. FG classic (what we are caling it) and FGU won't be able to play in the same game with each other.

Q: Will FGU support this thing or that thing?
A: Our main goals with FGU were to set us up for the future. This means easier networking, no port forwarding, native Mac, Linux and Windows PC builds, iterative enhancements across a broad range of areas and overall, just a better platform for us to build from.

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Just sharing this.

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The growing list of GURPS Fourth Edition books currently available via Print on Demand.

I hope to see more titles there rather soon, like Martial Arts for instance.

#rpg #gurps #pod

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List of events for the inminent FG Con

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D&D Beyond and What it Means for Fantasy Grounds

"We discussed the possibility of linking character sheets between the two platforms, encounters and possibly other areas."

Along with the rest of the newsletter.
D&D Beyond y lo que significa para Fantasy Grounds

"Hemos hablado de la posibilidad de enlazar hojas de personaje, encuentros y posiblemente otras áreas entre ambas plataformas."

Junto al resto del boletín.

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Buena entrada acerca de este libro.
A mí me resulta muy interesante siempre el enfoque del máster como "oficio artesanal" de Gygax, que implica toda una "teoría" subyacente ("El máster divino":, incluyendo esfuerzo y progresión de cara a la maestría.

A destacar también, de las conclusiones, que este enfoque "confiere al rol un aspecto más elevado y lo imbuye de mayor dignididad."

Relacionado: "El oficio del máster",

#rol #mastereo #artesania #teoria
Consejos de narración del legendario Gary Gigax, co-creador de Dungeons & Dragons.

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Éste es un libro que, sin experiencia ni nada, salido de imprenta esta misma semana, ha sabido interpretar el mapa de hexágonos para llegar a su destino ^^

#rol #sandbox
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