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It's Good to be Trumped
I was about eight or
nine years old and curious about the world in many ways that should
have been left to their own devices. When I was young, we
lived on a street that backed onto a forest. I've been back to that
neighbourhood since then and it's complete...

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Mind Your Elders
Family gatherings,
whatever the reason, tend to reveal a lot about who you are, where
you've been and where you may be going. (Where you are going is always a choice.) I looked around a
crowded room at my family and friends recently and was struck by how

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Dear “Mr” Trump
“ Absence
of respect, courtesy, manners, or admiration creates a state of
poverty irrespective of the amount of money you have in the bank.” Deepak
Chopra While I understand I don't speak for
all men, I'm quite certain there are a majority of us who actuall...

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The Global Dream
You want to know what the American
Dream is? Opportunity. That's it. There is nothing more to
it. [The
American Dream is] that dream of a land in which life should be
better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each
according to ability ...

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One Tribe
A short while ago I
took a vacation. I visited some folks in
Sault Ste Marie and some other folks in North Bay. During the eight
day sojourn, I travelled 2600 kilometres, met a bear, stood twenty
feet from a young buck, climbed waterfalls and kayaked to my

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Tales of...
I was out for dinner
last night sharing tales of occurrences as humans are wont to do, We all have them.
Stories.  We can recite a moment from our past embellished with
whatever detail is needed in the moment to make people laugh or cry
or gape in awe. We c...

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I want to meet Juan
Valdez and ask him why my coffee was crap this morning. We used to know who
made our stuff. I was reading a book
called “Glass, Paper, Beans” by Leah Hagar Cohen. I've never read
her stuff before, yet the book compelled me to pick it up ...

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Common Sense with Bears
my recent trip to the hinterlands of Northern Ontario, I met a bear. Before I go further
regarding the bruin, the “Hinterlands” of Northern Ontario are
much more civilized than our southern cousins give credit and there
are quite a few people in that...

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Life is Fair
I did it to myself. Oh,
I won't ever say the reaction by the other person was ever my doing,
because it wasn't. Their reaction is always their choice. However, my
choice of putting myself in a particular situation is always my doing and I have to own up to ...

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Resolve not to Resolve
New Year's is not one of
those things I go out of my way to celebrate. Certainly not in any
currently traditional manner. When I was young, I was
told Christmas was for kids and New Year's Eve was for adults. Naturally, as I grew older and became what is le...
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