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In Dangerous Creeper, you will help a crazy creeper to wipe out a cave. Why is this creeper crazy? He dares to do one thing that no one has ever done before though they wish this cave would be destroyed as soon as possible.
The blocks in the cave can do serious harm to creepers. They negatively affect their health and result in creeper’s death. What happens if Steve has those blocks to make weapons? .
Fortunately, this mad creeper has a little chance to get over this difficult time that is collecting bonuses while moving in the cave. These bonuses like red crosses, double blue arrows, red bombs, and clocks. They will improve his health, slow his motion, strengthen the explosion of the bombs, and increase the amount of time. Therefore, try your best to help the creeper to pick up them completely! .
You use the mouse to play this game.
When either the red bar or white bar runs out, the game is over.
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Caved In Minecraft

What are you doing in Minecraft Caved In? Well, in this game you have an exciting adventure in a cave. How fast could you reach the surface safely? How many treasures could you collect? How many ladies could you save? See the results at the end of the game.
Your target is to find treasures and take them to the surface securely. What makes the cave become dangerous? It is lava, water, and cave ins that put you in danger. Therefore, it is necessary to dig blocks to make walls, which keep you safe from lava and water.
Between two levels, there is a ladder. While building and digging, make sure that you pay attention to the compass which helps you see where the ladder is. Your points are increased significantly if you collect gold and treasures. By the way, do not forget to save several stranded ladies.
Instructions: + You use WASD or Arrow keys to dig and move.
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Hello, Minecraft fans! Today, Steve takes up a new challenge in Minecraft In War. Steve decides to enter the region full of zombies since he realizes that he really ought to upgrade his skills in order to survive successfully in this challenging Minecraft world.
He has three lives during this fight. The number of lives and scores and the amount of health are shown below the game screen.
How long could you stay in Minecraft In War and how high is your score? Test the accuracy of your estimate and be ready to submit your scores right now. Continue to seek other exciting Minecraft games at our site!
+ Use arrow keys to move in Minecraft In War.
+ Hit A to shoot at zombies.
+ Start playing or play again with Spacebar.
+ Hit ESC when you want to return the main Menu.
+ Be careful with the zombies since Steve’s health is damaged if zombies hit him.
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Minecraft Platform Online
Welcome you to an adventurous game known as Minecraft Platform. This game asks you to assist a chubby yellow creature in seeking the gateway in every challenge.
How long does it take you to succeed in overcoming all the challenges of Minecraft Platform game? Say the length of time and test whether you can do it. The gateway could be anywhere. While in the first challenge you need to move downward on the right to see the gateway, in the second challenge you need to move upward to see it.
In later challenges, there are several similar gateways, take time to discover the correct one. Have you ever played Minecraft Zombie Survival, Caved In, Minecraft Avoider, Pixel Box, Minecraft Tower Defense, and Speed Miner? Relax and test your ability in this big game.
Instructions: + He moves with Arrow keys.
+ In the final challenge, he needs to use bullets. Press Spacebar to fire bullets.
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How many waves of enemies can you get in Minecraft Tower Defense New? Say one number and test your strategies in this defense game.
There are 4 types of traps consisting of cacti, TNT, lava trenches, and water trenches, and 4 kinds of towers including snow, egg, arrow, and fireball in the menu. Each one costs a different number of blocks. You gain the blocks from defeated opponents. The more powerful the opponents are, the more blocks you have.
With the towers or traps, you click at it to sell or upgrade it. Hey, friends! Prove how much effective your strategies are in Minecraft Tower Defense!
Instructions: + The game is played with the mouse. You use it to create a path leading to your house, play traps, and remove or upgrade them.
+ Please read the information on the screen carefully before you begin a wave because it tells you which way you can knock out enemies fast.
+ Look at the top of the screen field to know the number of waves, number of enemies, and blocks.
+The blocks here are your money which you get from knocked out enemies. You should
use it wisely to buy suitable traps to kill a specific enemy.
+You click at the trap or tower to either upgrade or sell it
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Minecraft Diamond Jackpot Dress Up is Not only does Steve love Minecraft, but a special girl also loves Minecraft. She is fond of everything which has the color and shape of Minecraft creatures such as the green of creepers. Today, the girl has a date with Steve, so In Minecraft Diamond Jackpot Dress Up game you are going to help her get dressed.
The game provides you a large store of clothing, accessories, and even pets. In terms of pets, there are skeletons which look like white princes, lovely creepers with a ghost tail, and calm zombies. About shoes, there are plenty of shoes such as blue boots, Barbieshort-heeled shoes, and brown sandals. Speaking of Top, various skirts, blouses and skirts are waiting for your choice.
Let see how much the girl is changing after your preparation! Share with friends your product! Besides dress up category, our game store has other interesting categories such as tower defense and skill. Enjoy fun and creative time with Minecraft games!
Instructions: + The mouse is used to play this dress up game.
+ You click Up and Down arrow key to choose categories: Pet, Shoes, Top, Accessories, Bottom, Hair, and Hat.
+ You click Left and Right arrows to choose a specific item in the category.
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Minecraft Creeper Diamond
Minecraft Creeper Diamond is about a little creeper’s adventure. This is the first time he has had an adventure and he is in need of help. The story tells that creepers used to have the heart that makes them sympathize and fall in love with other creatures.
Unfortunately, since the king of creeper was betrayed, he has put a spell on its people. Their hearts are frozen. That is why creepers do not live happily like before and they become so violent.
Now, a young creeper decides to go to the highest mountain in its kingdom to find special diamond so that he can make a magic sword. This adventure or mission is extremely difficult due to tough obstacles. Once he fails to reach the top, he is captured in this place forever.
He is a young and inexperienced creature, and this game is a skill game. He needs your help to get over arrow blocks and lava safely. Check your movement skill in this game Minecraft Creeper Diamond.
Instructions: + You use the arrow keys to help the creeper move and the Spacebar to jump.
+ When he fails to move on arrow blocks, he will be pushed at the checkpoint. In other words, he must restart the game.
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Whack A Craft Minecraft
Whack A Craft is a skill game, so you need to be quick and skillful in order to accomplish a mission. Read the introduction below to grab necessary information.
Hey, warriors! You are sent to defeat a large number of monsters coming from Minecraft land. When Steve comes back the Earth, they have followed him. To knock out them, you need special weapons and armor which should be made from the materials in Minecraft world.
Before, you have to come back Minecraft world and collect enough materials to make an armor and weapon. The way to gather materials is not normal. Materials will pop up and down, and you need to shoot at them as fast as possible to take blocks. However, creepers will pop up as well, and you must take them down quickly. When creepers explode, they do harm to your lives. hen you have prepared carefully, you can go to the cave to fight.
Instructions: + You use the mouse to click at the materials (e.g. pig, sand, rock, and plank) which arise.
+ You can choose an appropriate level of difficulty to play.
+ OTIP has important information on crafting recipe and other things. Make sure you
read it.
+ you can pause or restart the game as well.
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Minecraft Tower Defense Hacked
Welcome to Minecraft Tower Defense Hacked Onslaught, you can use your cleverness to put towers in the best way to destroy enemies. Play and upgrade your towers to enable to kill all zombies. If you don kill them, the game is over!
Instructions: + Play Minecraft Tower Defense Hacked with your left mouse
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Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Hacked

Protecting your shelter from enemies is your primary aim in Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Hacked game.
Its original name is Minecraft Tower Defense Rebuilt. The game offers you two modes including Adventure and Survival. While Adventure has 28 challenges, Survival consists of two maps- Classis and Adventure. You choose a mode, and then you have to complete the first suggested challenge such as Deserted Beach in order to unlock following challenges.
There are some pieces of information helping you play the game better. First, you had better upgrade your weapons rather than buy new stuff. Second, as TNT explodes, all traps next to it will be destroyed. Hence, consider the positions of traps. While you are in the Nether, you have no ideas of time, so you do not know when mobs will come.
Please be careful! Our game site has other versions of Minecraft Tower Defense. Click and enjoy playing!
Instructions: + You use the mouse to lay traps such as lava, turrets, and water.
+ Especially, among kinds of enemies ghasts are the most dangerous and stubborn one.
+ They can fly and are not easily damaged by the heat or coldness. If you can find a way to defeat ghasts, share with the community!
+ You enable delete saved data in the Options menu.
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