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10 Most Shocking Revelations of Britain’s Grooming Scandal “Grooming” is a rather innocuous term for something completely heinous. Since 1997, thousands of British girls, many of them as young as 10 and 11, have been the victims of sexual abuse. Some of these cases include disgustin...

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True Crime
Film noir would not have existed without the American crime fiction of the 1920s and ‘30s. This is not a controversial statement. Most students of both recognize that Black Mask , a pulp magazine first created by H.L. Mencken and George Jean Nathan as a sch...

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Armed for Her Majesty
This article originally appeared in Artistic License Renewed James Bond and Sherlock Holmes - they are not only some of the most popular fictional characters in the history of the English language, but they are uniquely positioned as being emblematic of a c...

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10 Peasant Revolts From History
In many minds, the peasants of yesteryear were either docile or a collective so oppressed that every time they raised a fist, a veritable army of knights came in and mercilessly crushed them. In truth, the elites often feared the peasants. Once angered, pea...

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10 Witchcraft Trials of the Southern Colonies When it comes to American history, most people know about Salem and the various witchcraft trials of colonial New England. However, there were others ...

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10 Key Facts of the English Civil Wars
Between 1642 and 1651, England was mired in the English Civil Wars—two very bloody campaigns that pitted the supporters of King Charles I against the supporters of the English Parliament. Called Royalists and Parliamentarians (or conversely, Roundheads and ...

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10 Little-Known Alliances of the Underworld
Organized crime is a many headed hydra with tentacles in all of the world’s disgusting trades, from drug dealing to human trafficking. Sometimes underworld ties are well-known, while at other times only a small few know the true depths. The following ten al...

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Doomsters at the Drive-In: "The Devil Rides Out" (1968)
Devil Rides Out (also
known as The
Devil’s Bride) has
often been called the best film ever released by Hammer. Given the prestigious
history of that studio, that is some compliment. Released in the turbulent year
of 1968, The
Devil Rides Out is a

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