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Eric Davis

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This may need to be my desktop
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Eric Davis

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Reynisfjæra as seen from the path up to Dyrhólaey Lighthouse. THe light on this day was spectacular. Being late November, the sun was already low, but this day it was just breaking up after a hard cloud cover, bathing the whole of southern Iceland in a warm, radiant rainbow-filled light.

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Eric Davis

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So, the Clinton Propaganda machine has branded the Non Neocon right as "Alt-Right" movement. To suggest that the Movement in the Republicans away from the Oligarchy/Neo-cons is outside the normal. maintaining the status-quo that is the illusion of the Battle between the Neo-Cons and The Neo-Liberals...... And The Machine has Time magazine working for them?
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Eric Davis

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People who think you can negotiate with nothing are morons. Trade is synergistic.... Beneficial in both ways..... If you think you have the upper hand.... You are completely full of shit.
How about improved trade deals with the US instead.... and china, the UK. The 8th grade understanding of trade that most these politicians seem to grasp is humiliating.... to them and the world...
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Eric Davis

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Eric Davis

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porto di #alghero   #sardegna   #italia  
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