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Someone on my FB is angry because a christian was caught in Trump's Muslim ban. Of course it doesn't occur to them that maybe it's not a muslim ban but a refusal to allow entry from various countries.... not based on religion.
But let us not allow reality to stop our social media fantasies. Not to defend the Orange One..... He is a big boy and can stew in his own poop.....

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Märchenhaftes Licht ;-)
Der Fliegenpilz (Amanita muscaria) ist eine Pilzart aus der Familie der Wulstlingsverwandten. Er ist giftig. Auf meiner letzten Foto-Tour in die Eifel, fand ich zu meiner großen Freude diesen tollen Fliegenpilz. Das Licht, der Pilz, der Standort, alles passte perfekt.
Canon 5D Mark IV, Sigma Makro 150 mm/2.8, Stativ, Funkauslöser, Stack aus 6 Einzelaufnahmen.
Mehr auf meiner Webseite "Naturfotografie Andreas Kolossa"
#Fliegenpilz #Makro #AndreasKolossa #Pilz #Eifel
#Natur #Fauna #Flora #Macro #naturephotography #macrophotography #Naturfotografie #Photomania #hqspmacro

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For the last few years I've tried to improve on this composition hoping for better conditions than the time before.  Only a few months out of the year will yield this fantastic side lighting so my window is relatively short.  At the same time I'm always hoping for low fog/mist on the valley floor.  On this day most everything came together. 

Nikon D800 / Nikkor 28-300

#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography #HQSPLandscape +HQSP Landscape +Best Top Photographer Group  +BTP Daily Highlight +BTP Editor's Choice (Best Top Photographer's page)
+Google+ Photos +Photo Mania USA #photomania
#1212scenery +Stunning Moment #showyourbestwork +ShowYourBestWork #close2home +Close2Home
#10000photographers +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS #petaluma #wilsonhill #marincounty 

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I have stepped back and away from quite a few things but I though this one monthly project might be doable!

#12PAOF2017 with +Marilyn Benham

I was lucky to be able to spend the night downtown last night for a concert and had a couple of hours to kill - well not all to kill, I did have to work. Anyway, I took about 20 minutes to hang out while my hubby was in the pool and then went and stepped outside the hotel for a few minutes shooting.

I love collections of architecture! Particularly really great architecture like the Aqua Radisson Blu building designed by +Studio Gang Chicago.

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Road to Nowhere No. 4 (favorite 27 of 31)

Created in the Alabama Hills, California.

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St. Josef-Kapelle auf dem Oberberg bei Schüpfheim
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