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Life as a coin
Hi! Is this just me... ??          Ok... so which coin are you now??

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100 days of happy. New plan
Ok so I have skipped a few days but to be honest this is feeling like  bit of a chore. So I have decided may not post everyday anymore but I will still do 100 post. I am starting to see the happiness in everyday but writing about it was getting hard as happ...

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100 days of happy. Day 18
Well I am very happy right now I have done a few things for work and now I can relax for the rest of the evening and watch entertaining crap on TV. Yay!  My song for today is David Guetta ft Ne-Yo, Akon "Play Hard." I have worked hard now I can play hard :). 

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100 days of happy. Day 17
Wow yesterday was a very happy and busy day that I find myself back logging. Me and my boyfriend did lots of things yesterday the least fun was visiting most of the Tesco's in both are areas for various items. As I could be here all day listing the happy th...

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My happy moment today was a last minute descision to go to my boyfriends tonight for steak night and chill times. I had a great night with him it was such a good decision and a great way to end my week :). Eating some good food, watching some great TV and h...

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Oh What A Night
So yesterday I posted my 2016 day 1 happy post but I promised photo highlights so I thought I would post a few today.  I have said that this new year has been amazing. I would even say the best new years celebration I have ever had. I think this is mainly b...

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The Rhythm of Life is a powerful beat
In my last post I talked about Mind Over Matter; about how at the moment I feel like my mind isn't in it so its holding me back from my Fight 4 Fitness. I have read things about how music can have a big impact on your frame of mind, it could change your moo...

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Mind before matter!
I have come to realise that the tagline fighting4fitness is not just about what I originally started this blog to achieve. When I started it was because I wanted to lose weight, feel fit and have a bikini beautiful body. I have now realised fighting4fitness...

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Fighting temptation
We can fight it too!!!!  Recently my own fight against temptation has been a very big challenge, not as bad as when I was in uni and had all the stress of eso resays and exams which ment I didn't really fight at all. However I still have times when I crav...
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