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The Historic Peery Apartments in Ogden, Utah
The Historic Peery Apartments in Ogden, Utah

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Wells Fargo sent me a replacement for a card that I've never had, but they couldn't explain why. They could not identify a card that I do have, but they could identify a card that I've never had.
Three calls and more than two hours later, I finally gave up.

In the end, I never received the card that Wells Fargo supposedly sent me, but at the time, I had no idea that Wells Fargo was actively defrauding their customers... I do now.

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Now I understand how Ernest & Julio Fargo got away with ripping off their customers for so long, and why their CEO sounded like he was a step and a half behind the parade when he was testifying before congress.
+Wells Fargo - your CEO is a drunk!

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In the spirit of seeing my doctors today...

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When my Wallin & Klarich attorney told me he was handing my case off to a senior partner with more experience, I was happy to have such a conscientious and professional law firm on my side
Two months later, I accidentally found out that my lawyer. had actually given his notice, quit his job and left the firm, they just never bothered to tell me.
The incompetent "senior partner" they stuck me with, was actually just an associate, who after 2 months working on my case, nearly got me thrown in jail.
My luck changed the day Wallin & Klarich withdrew as my council.
Because Wallin & Klarich kept the $10,000 I paid them, I couldn't afford to hire another attorney and the public defender I was assigned, got my charges reduced and no jail time, and he did it in just 10 minutes..

You could do worse than Wallin & Klarich... but you'd have to work at it. 

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By law, the locations of DUI Checkpoints must be disclosed to the public, but wasn't it nice of Wallin & Klarich law firm to go out of their way to give drunk drivers an even better chance of avoiding DUI Checkpoints, by re-posting their locations on Facebook?
I hope none of your kids or loved ones are out in these areas tonight.

It came as no big surprise that this post came from the same law firm that recently ripped me off for $10,000

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Wallin & Klarich - Where the #lawyers are IDIOTS, but not quite as smart. #wklaw @wklaw #attorney

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Wallin & Klarich seemed surprised that I filed a complaint with the CA BAR, after they repeatedly lied to me, misrepresented themselves, and concealed the fact that my attorney had quit his job and left the firm, for 2-months. They seemed even more surprised that I expected them to be honest and ethical.
#wklaw #lawyer #attorney #lawfirm

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My Wallin & Klarich attorney called me the night before court and asked me to get him a written medical diagnosis from my doctor.
Oddly enough, I gave Wallin & Klarich that documentation 3-months earlier when they asked me for it. They just never bothered to look at it, or any of the other evidence I gave them.
#wklaw #Wallin&Klarich

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These lawyers are scum, who are only out for an easy payday. If you're looking for honest, competent and ethical legal representation, this firm is NOT for you
Wallin & Klarich:
• Mishandled my case;
• Lied to me repeatedly;
• Nearly got me thrown in jail because they
couldn't be bothered with doing their job;
• Withdrew as my legal counsel just before court,
because they lied to me again and this time I
recorded it.

Wallin & Klarich refuses to refund any of the $10,000 I paid them, so I decided to let people know exactly what kind of law firm Wallin & Klarich really is, through art.

With a fair market value of $1/each, there's around 9,800 more of these memes to come.

#wklaw #Wallin #Klarich
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#DidYouKnow #wellsfargobank stole my life and everything in it, because they couldn't admit they participated in bank fraud.
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