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Anyone in Southeastern Michigan (or within driving distance)? 

I am looking to organize some Tales of the 13th Age, starting in a couple weekends at a local gameday. If you're interested in playing, reply to this or email me. 

I'll post the link for the signup at the upcoming game-day when it's available.

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Hello, all! I am looking for players in two different play-by-post games using the 13th Age rules. Both use variant settings.

The first will use a modified version of the 13th Age setting set 20 years after the fall of the Emperor.

The second is actually set in the Forgotten Realms but will actually use the old TSR adventure campaign as a basis for the story arc:

The latter is an interesting experiment in that I've got a whole new set of Icons based on the FR setting. 

I could use a couple more players for each game, so please do come join. You can also come lurk if you're curious. 

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I like the intent of this article, and agree for the most part. I remember listening to an audio-tape years ago that emphasized that a commitment to spend time with your family is just as binding--if not more so--than a commitment to work. I've been using that principle to schedule time with the family ever since, particularly on projects that would demand time past 5-6pm. I would argue that "booking" time for family is even more important than booking time for "play!" 

For using two calendars, I recommend using a free calendar like that available from Google or Yahoo. They can be set up without reminders if doing so will cause issues with work. 

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Have some free gaming time this week. I don't suppose anything is happening this week, Arcanis-wise?
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