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Chad Jones
Feeling old...must play more!
Feeling old...must play more!

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6x6 Swamp Tiles Are Now Downloadable at DrivethruRPG
Yup, I been busy doin' tha art thang. Find the HERE . I've also been looking into a way to coat my tiles to make them work with wet erase markers. The only advice online that I could find was to cover the tiles with a sheet of poster frame plastic. That's g...

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6x6 Forest Tiles Are Now Downloadable at DrivethruRPG!
So I have been working on some more Terrain Tile sets for use with RPG miniatures. Partly because many of the Paizo Flip Mats are no longer available, partly because it's improving my Photoshop skills, and mostly because I can. The tiles are 6" x 6", with o...

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Sci Fi Companion Ship/ Vehicle Sheets
There was a request on the Pinnacle Boards for one. Truth to tell, I haven't had much to show off or talk about recently so this makes for a good post. Here they are.

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I've Been Doing It Wrong, Too
In short, D&D has lied to us, and that lie has become very pervasive. This guy is very entertaining and seems to be more historically accurate. As for the long space in between posts, well I've had another motorcycle accident as well as a busy holiday seaso...

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More on Chases and Vehicle Combat
I've been delving more into Vehicle Chases and Combat, mainly because I want to keep them abstract and not need tabletop miniatures. I've done some personal hacks during game to keep things running F!F!F! but I want to codify my house rules so they aren't c...

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Chase Rules Ranges Fix
Last night a ran a game for friends and a chase came up. This is the first time I've ever had to run a chase using the new SWDEX rules. Before I just did narration and a few die rolls. Well the common complaint came up: "Why, in the same round, am I shootin...

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My Travel Kit
I've been redsigning what I travel with in anticipation of PaizoCon 2017. Yes, it's 6 months away but I like to be prepared and last year I packed way too much and hurt my back. I'd love to be this excited about a Pinnacle Con but they don't come up here. A...

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My Despair Shall Not Win.
Yes, my depression is kicking my creative butt right now. To say I am disappointed and fearful of our new president elect is putting things mildly. But I am not going to spew vindictive venom. There is enough of that on Facebook at the moment. So I'm going ...

The American Dream is dead.

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Bristling Guns! Or Maybe Not.
Still hammering on my vehicle system, but I had a brain burst regarding weaponry (especially for larger ships). Many starships like those found in the Sci-Fi Companion are designed around a naval or air force analog. Battleships are bristling with guns. Eve...
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