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We are opening student internships this summer: join our mobile team and help us build apps for tens of millions of users!

More info in czech:

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První dávku našich hvězdných speakerů jsme dali na web: A to ještě zdaleka nejsou všichni!

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New cardboards #io15

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Od té doby co jsem kdysi objevil SMS jízdenku jsem si asi nikdy nekoupil lístek, v hodinkách je aplikace ještě dostupnější :)
SMS Ticket with Android Wear support

We are eagerly investigating the possibilities of the “Internet of Things” with the Android Wear platform. This week we released our first production app with Android Wear support - an update to our popular app ‘SMS Ticket’.

SMS Ticket lets you quickly buy tickets for public transportation in many Czech and Slovak cities. Now it’s even easier - you can quickly buy tickets from your watch and observe the expiration time, without having to pull your phone out of your pocket.

Try it here: (works only with Czech & Slovak SIM cards)

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Gone offline, no internet, diconnected, BORED?!
STOP!!! Don't detonate first! Click the Dino to replenish boredom in emergency! Jump over those cactus, hold for much higher jump to the max, help Dino for his longest run ever. Also compare with your friend's. For your emergency fun, Thank you +Google Chrome​​, your easter egg saves thousand more people from being mad and suicide *XD lol*

How to play:
Once you receive "You are offline", press jump to activate the hidden feature and start. Jump over those cactus and don't get hit. hold jump for longer and higher jump. If you die press jump again to restart. Travel as long as possible.
- Touchscreen enabled (Linux with touchscreen (include Android itself), iOS, Windows 8 maybe...)
Click anywhere in the browsing area to jump.
- Non Touchscreen (Linux with no touchscreen (but Android maybe include use left click inside browsing area...), Mac OSX, Windows Desktop)
Press space to jump
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Znáte Bio-Drone Industries? Jejich první projekt s umělou inteligencí úplně nevyšel, ale to je vše již historie. Nyní se soustředí na sdílení a šíření nejmodernějších technologií pro dobro celého lidstva. Jejich cíle jsou ušlechtilé, proto nám výrazně pomáhají s organizací #DevFestCZ .
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