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Sydney Boa
I love to dance thats for sure!
I love to dance thats for sure!

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Springbreak... I love you! <3

OMG I love when I have long weekends! Its so nice to be able to have a break from SCHOOL! I miss my friends and teachers and I hope they're all having a great one. Can't wait till family day!

Valentines day is so soon! Make sure you tell your friends and family you love them! I know I will! <3

Why can't it just be December 25th?! Hope everyone has a great Christmas! Love you all!

OMG! I can't wait until Christmas! Pretty sure I'm getting a camera!

My play audition is tomorrow! This year its Grease! I'm trying out for Marty from the Pink Ladies, hopefully I get the part because I LOVE HER!!! Last year the play was an old movie called "The Little Shop Of Horrors!" I was only in the chourus but at least I made it in hence the fact A LOT of people didn't! Wish me Luck ! <3

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OMG. I cried. How sad is that? STOP BULLYING, this really opened my eyes on what people have to turn to doing when they have NOTHING. If I knew this kid I would be his best friend. Comment or keep uploading this video to other social networks, show others how bullying makes others lives.... well, horrible.

Still, I cannot find those papers... !

Lost my study papers for a test on Monday. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?

So excited for Christmas break! Get to spend some time with my family!
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