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Debating... Should I get a Kindle or a Nook? (Sorry, not getting an iPad)
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I like my Nook Simple Touch. Kindle's a really good choice though.
Don't get a Nook Color, they're just tablets.
iPads are awful to read on because they have the same glare as a computer. kindles are great because they read, in terms of glare and eyestrain, just like a book. I love mine. the only bummer is that since it reads like a book, lighting issues apply--can't read in the dark or in bad light. 
I like my nook-it's simple and super hardy. I drop it all the time and still works :D
As a writer of more than a few ebooks, I am interested in seeing that people purchase the proprietary Kindle over a more useful and more functional notebook or "iPad". The problem with Kindle is that you are forced to use Amazon and their file formats. So, even if you wanted to read other ebooks; you can't right? Or has Kindle become all PDF friendly?
The reason why I don't want/need an iPad is because the way it is designed now I have no use for it. Because of the screen it isn't a good tool for reading lengthy articles/books. And as for all the functionality I can do the same on my laptop (Even play angry birds! ^^). While the touch screen is nice I don't need it. And I chose the kindle because it comes with 3G (iPad I would have to pay a monthly fee for that service, and nook didnt offer it anymore). And I heard that the customer support behind Amazon is fantastic. And the new generation Kindle does in fact recognize pdfs, as well as syncing up the books with my laptop or phone. It just made sense to me.
Good to know that Kindle can now deal with PDF. If you want to try a test; any or all of the ebooks are free to you. Just email me or message here, and I can email you them to see how they look on Kindle!
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