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Play Baby SpongeBob Diaper Change: When it begins to mourn because you are hungry or when you have dirty laundry. Now you need to show your great abilities childcare for helping the baby. So let’s play with this cute baby, do not mourn, give her toys and…
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Play Baby Hazel Skin Trouble: You can get these little blisters on the face of the beautiful Hazel. His mom called a doctor to see his daughter. So for next few days Hazel can not have a normal life and can not even touch the things he loved until the…
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Play Barbie’s Baby Bedtime: Help Barbie with her baby to be cute and clever in this lovely simulation game. You have to give a good bubble bath, diaper change, you must choose a nice pajamas and then put her to bed to sleep. You have to know that the…
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Play Baby Hazel Kite Flying: She pledged to participate in Kite Festival to be held in a nearby city. She tries to fly his kite but fails. Then father comes to her rescue and helps you get the learner’s. But the kite gets stuck in a big tree because of…
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Play Baby Cinderella Shower! In this game you will meet your baby Cinderella and you must help him prepare for the great dance. This time you have to create for Baby Cinderella a cute pair of shoes, you have to give him a bath, then you will have to…
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Play Doc McStuffin Fixing Lambie. And your duty is to help get Lambie again have perfect health! She was chased by a large bulldog and a little hurt when he fell. There are scratches on the skin, has some dirt and has bumps all over his body.
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Play Baby Hazel Granny House: She is very excited and wants to enjoy every moment there. She wants to explore all the house of his grandmother and all surrounding areas. You must take care to attend to all the needs of small baby and her grandparents.…
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Play Baby In Hair Salon: So she comes to the best salon in the city in which he lives. Now, it’s time to show your creation and also the style of haircut you want our baby to be fashionable. You will have a fun time with the most famous baby in…
Add a comment... Play Baby Hazel Learns Manners: His beautiful mother begins with exercise to keep her healthy chubby baby. Later she teaches Hazel on ways to cook. Hazel must also learn good manners to be…
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Play: Baby SpongeBob Got Flu. You must know that now they have launched a good game to pass him the best. In this case he got sick because he took a bath in cold water, then your self why you must take care of it. note to follow all the steps in order.
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Play Baby Barbi Cake Surprise! They hope to make a big cake and a beautiful colorful greeting card for your mom. Know that she is too young to go to the supermarket alone, so your accompany them and then to return home. You Ayudaya in the store to buy all…
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Play Baby Hazel Parrot Care. In this case she wanted a pet bird at home, Uncle John Baby Hazel gave him his beautiful parrot. Bruno, who is having a pet puppy is jealous of Charlie, the sympathetic talkative parrot. Charlie was hurt when he had a little…
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Have her in circles
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